IA SuperPharma FAQs


IA SuperPharma FAQs – Are they Legit? Can I trust them?
YES! – IA SuperPharma started operation in 2007 as International Anabolics and has grown significantly in that time. IA SuperPharma is the underground arm of our above ground generic medicines manufacturing company operating under license as an FDA accredited BFAD certified generics medicines manufacturer in the Philippines. IA SuperPharma manufactures its products in accordance with BFAD regulations. IA SuperPharma products are made in the same laboratory, using the same equipment, materials and processes used to produce our ‘above ground’ pharmaceutical products.

Why do you have more products than the other online stores and why are you so much cheaper?
IA SuperPharma’s above ground counterpart is a commercially licensed manufacturer of legitimate pharmaceuticals, however, we use this as a cover to manufacture the IA Super Pharma range. Because we are commercially licensed we have unlimited access to all hormones, prohormones, peptides and associated products and due to our purchasing power, we are able to command low price points for these raw materials from our suppliers. Since we do not buy from the ‘black market or operate a conventional UGDL (underground domestic laboratory) we don’t pay the fixed prices that the kitchen cooks pay and we don’t look to make high short-term profits from selling low-grade steroids for the fear of being busted. In addition, since we operate from within Asia the operational overheads are far lower than in say the USA or Australia and so we can pass on these savings through low priced products to our customers

Where are you based?
IA Super Pharma is based in Asia.

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Saturday
  • PHL: 7am to 5pm
  • USA: 6pm to 4am
  • UK: 11pm to 12noon
  • Sunday: Priority servicing only. Given the time differences and geographical location. IA SuperPharma aims to provide customer support through the 24-hour day. However, please be mindful that in some instances a delay of several hours can be experienced between sending a query/order and receiving a prompt reply.

How can I contact IA SuperPharma?
You can contact IA Super Pharma at any time of day. Please contact the relevant person at the email address below relating to your enquiry or concern:
General orders / inquiries: sales@iasuperpharma.is
Product and after sales inquiries: xsbobber@iasuperpharma.is or marcus@iasuperpharma.is
Bulk orders/ business inquiries: marcus@iasuperpharma.is


How much is the minimum order?
Minimum order amount is $250usd. As your confidence in our company services grows, then so too will your order size and complexity – we prefer to cultivate a long lasting and trusting relationship with the customer and we appreciate that this takes a little time.

It’s my first time ordering with you guys, can I get free stuff and products to try before I buy?
The answer unfortunately is no. We get asked this question a lot and we often wonder what other online companies do you know that ships free products at their expense to potential customers before they buy? Try emailing Amazon and see what they say, if they say yes then we will as well, so please don’t ask for free gear because refusal often offends.

How can I get a discount? I’m going to get my Pro Card soon, will you sponsor me?
Due to the exceptionally competitive retail price point of our products, IA SuperPharma does not offer direct customer discounts, however, forum members (where IA SuperPharma is a paying sponsor) and returning account holding customers are able to avail of any current or future offers, discounts and BOGO’s as and when they become available. Please check out our IA SuperPharma Forum section and the online bodybuilding forums for updates on our current promotions.

IA SuperPharma does not directly sponsor anyone and if we did, you would already need to be a Pro Card holder to be eligible for consideration. All decisions for IA SuperPharma sponsorship and sponsored forum logs, testers and reviewers are made by our online forum representative Xsbobber – feel free to submit your proposal for evaluation to xsbobber@iasuperpharma.is.

Can you give me a pricelist of your anabolic steroid products in my local currency?
No. IA SuperPharma only retails, trades and accepts payments in USD (USD $). All prices shown are in US dollars (USD $).

Why can’t I add items on my cart?
It’s probably out of stock – please contact sales@iasuperpharma.is product status and support

What is the best product for me? What should I be taking? My mate said I should use this like that, what do you recommend?
IA SuperPharma will only provide standard safe and effective dosages for every product and suggested course layouts and guides for the cycles and stacks products. We do not give individual advice as to what and how a customer should use or give personalized cycle advice (unless purchasing the Pro Comp Stack) simply because you may not like or benefit from the products we advise. IA SuperPharma encourages customers to do their own research based on their goals, body type, and health conditions before deciding on which product/s to get and how to use them. We do not support ‘bro science’. For these reasons IA SuperPharma advises you to study the compounds you intend to use extensively so you make an informed choice that’s personally successful for you and ultimately get maximum results from what you chose.

IA SuperPharma advises you to consult with a physician prior to ordering or using our products.

Do you have a remailer or distributor in my country? Can they send it to me? Can my seized international order be resent from your domestic shipper?
No, No and No. As the name suggests IA SuperPharma is an international shipper of anabolic steroids and we have no need or use for third parties or agents in our operation. Remailers and distributors are the number 1 cause for law enforcement raids on domestic customers because their remailer or distributor was busted and made to work with the police to provide names addresses and ‘give up’ information on the customers they supply and the UGL they work for.

If you ordered from the international website and your order was seized at customs then your free seizure resend will be shipped to you internationally. Domestic operations are not responsible for replacing internationally ordered product as they operate as franchise arms of IA SuperPharma.

How could I know the status of my order?
By logging into your account and reviewing the following information:

  • Pending Order: Awaiting payment
  • Processing: Payment is noted or received. Preparing for shipment.
  • Complete: Order has been shipped and updated with tracking number.


For more information on Shipping, Resend, Lost, and held parcels, please read our updated Shipping Policy.
Please note that we do not control parcel delivery. We cannot pass any notes / instructions to the mail man responsible for delivering your parcel.

Do you ship to my country?
IA SuperPharma will ship to any country, except in the Middle East, subject to our disclaimer policyshipping policy and stealth shipping policy.

What are the shipping methods?

Express Mail Service (EMS):

  • Takes up to 10-20 working days to arrive.
  • Tracking number will be provided for online tracking.
  • For the selected countries only. see our express mail eligible countries for the list.

Standard International Mail (RR):

  • Takes up to 21-50 working days to arrive.
  • Tracking number will be provided but parcels cant be tracked online.
  • No free resend if the parcel gets seized/ lost.

Free Shipping:

  • Available with promos or through a free shipping coupon. Customers can choose between EMS or Standard Mail shipping.

Local Shipping:

  • For local customers courier shipping will be arranged.
  • Shipping and handling fee $10 unless otherwise stated.

The customer is at all times responsible for providing the correct delivery address details and receivers name – the details that you input into the shipping address field on the order check out will be exactly the same details that we will print out and stick to your parcel so any miss-deliveries or parcels unable to be delivered because of errors or the use of fake names etc., will be the sole responsibility of the customer. We cannot change the name or address details once the parcel has been shipped and do not have the authority to correct it with the EMS carrier so any requirements to do so are the responsibility of the customer. IA SuperPharma suggest that customers should read our FAQs page with regards to their questions before proceeding.

Express and Standard Air Mail require a signature upon delivery.

Any requests for special delivery instruction are subject to the abilities of the mail operator in your country and IA SuperPharma will not be held responsible for any deviations made by postal authorities.

How can I track my parcel?
No matter which country you are in you can track your parcel at any time using these popular tracking sites:


For tracking information specific to your country then please track it on your countries national postal service provider such as: www.USPS.com OR www.auspost.com

My parcel was seized, I have the seizure notice, when do i get my free resend? An item is missing from my parcel, can I get a free resend? I have a problem collectiong my parcel, please help?
Please read our updated Shipping Policy.

IA SuperPharma will also resend if:
There are items we forgot to include in your order – this must be communicated to us within 72 hours of receiving your parcel. Please see disclaimer policy for further information.

Seized Parcel Insurance does not include the following:

  • The customer can’t provide a seizure notice or inspection letter from their customs office.
  • Items were lost or damaged in transit – this is the responsibility of the postal service. Please see disclaimer policy for further information.
  • You declined to sign for a parcel, pick up a parcel waiting for collection at your local postal depot, used a fake name or address and can’t collect it form the relevant postal depot.
  • You selected the Registered Air Mail shipping option.
  • The order was bought during a sale/ promotion, was a freebie/giveaway.
  • The item/s are resend/replacement for a seized item/s.
  • Customer chose to have the products properly labelled instead of stealth packaging.

My parcel has been returned to sender, what happens now?
Please read our Shipping Policy.


What is stealth shipping?
A packing and or shipping method that disguises products for safe passage through tough customs countries. IA SuperPharma uses proven components, props, containers, bottles and mis-declarations to effectively bypass customs scanners and inspections. We call this the art of miss direction. Due to the nature of the stealth packaging additional costs will become applicable to your order.

Stealth destination countries/states typically fall into two categories:

Low Detection Risk
United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Japan  – customs in these countries are not looking for Anabolic Androgenic Steroids in particular but they will intercept if there are obvious signs that the parcel contains branded vials and bottles

High Detection Risk
Australia, Canada, New Zealand, some US states and the Eurozone  – customs in these countries have recently upgraded to the new 6 point position scanners that have the same imaging capability as an MRI scanner and have been programmed to detect the molecular density of narcotics, steroids and liquids and then auto select the parcel for human examination. This technology is currently only employed by the Australian and Canadian governments due to cost and complexity. Australia and Canada now have the online capability to identify peptides in powder form and fast ion gas analysis machines are present on the lines to quickly establish the contents of chemicals. However these detection methods are very easy to beat if you understand the technology involved and at IA SuperPharma, we certainly do.

Please read the following stealth sections to detail how we beat these different levels of detection and beat them every time.

Stealth shipping to low detection risk destinations like the UK and Japan is very easy and we only employ the lightest levels of stealth to ensure that your parcel will delivered on the first attempt almost 100% of the time. Customs in these countries/states are not particularly looking for AAS in particular but they will intercept if there are obvious signs that the parcel contains branded vials and bottles etc.

To safely slip your order past these points without let or hindrance we do little more than to miss declare the contents and value of the parcel, change the parcels size and shape to make it look like it hold something other to what it does and add the parcel to make it feel different to what you would expect a parcel containing bottles and vials to feel like. This is just ‘sleight of hand’ and works exceptionally well on low paid, bored, undervalued customs inspection officials

Our success rate to low detection level destinations is 96% on first shipment – second free resend is never needed.

Stealth shipping to medium detection risk destinations like New Zealand, Israel, Norway, Sweden and Hawaii is relatively straight forward and on top of the measures we employ in low risk destination shipping we may also shield the products in specific grade and density materials that their scanners can’t penetrate and or change the container methods and labels to present them aromatherapy kits, paint sets, cosmetics etc all to ensure that your parcel will delivered on the first attempt 94% of the time. We maintain our high delivery performance here by resending the same seized parcel in utilizing our highest stealth level shipping components – these we won’t identify here for obvious reasons but between the first and second resends you will always receive your order

How do you stealth ship to medium risk detection destinations like New Zealand, Israel, Norway, Sweden and Hawaii? Stealth shipping to low detection risk destinations like the UK and Japan is very easy and we only employ the lightest levels of stealth to ensure that your parcel will delivered on the first attempt 100% of the time. Customs in these countries/states are not particularly looking for AAS in particular but they will intercept if there are obvious signs that the parcel contains branded vials and bottles etc

How do you stealth ship to high detection risk destinations like Australia and Canada?
High detection risk destinations like Australia and Canada require a high degree of knowledge and experience in the systems and practices employed by the customs departments in these countries and our methods have evolved as the detection capabilities have evolved over the last 4 years. Both Australia and Canada have recently upgraded to new 6 point position scanner technology that have the same imaging capabilities as an advanced hospital MRI scanner and will detect the molecular density of the atomic structure of individual narcotics, steroids and liquid compounds. When detected the machines will auto select the parcel for human examination and kick it off the line. This technology is currently only employed by the Australian and Canadian governments due to cost and complexity. Australia and Canada now also have the online capability to identify peptides in powder form and conduct fast ion gas analysis to detect banned substances

Australia recently commissioned two new international gate way facilities at Melbourne and Sydney totalling some 5 billion AUD in the hope of stopping the flow of contraband into their country however, when you understand the technology involved and the limitations of both the men and machines in place its relatively simple to employ counter measures to defeat both. There are several materials we use that either block or scatter the beams refraction capabilities and render the image returned either useless or warped and unable to be defined as an item of concern. Actually, the greater the level of sophistication employed by these agencies, the easier it gets to beat them because they become over confident in the machines abilities

For obvious reasons we won’t detail what these materials and methods are.

Can I refuse to have my products stealth shipped and shipped in genuine IA SuperPharma packaging?
Yes but it must be stated in writing on the order notes or emailed to us so we have a copy in writing and you need to be aware that this will absolve IA SuperPharma of the potential loss by customs detection and we will not include the free resend guarantee with your order. If you choose to deviate from our stealth shipping policy then IA SuperPharma will declare your seizure letter null and void and not eligible for a free resend.

I’m not in a stealth destination but I want my parcel shipped stealth to be absolutely sure I’m safe, is this possible?
Yes it’s no problem to us at all – obviously, there will be additional shipping charges depending on the level of stealth you require but these can be discussed with you when you place your order. You’re not the first person to ask this so don’t worry, we have many guys that do this so their wives, girlfriends, parents or housemates don’t become suspicious of the parcels contents. If you feel that there are still questions that are not answered before you place an order try searching in our FAQs page or directly email your query to sales@iasuperpharma.is


What is your shipping schedule?
We ship out every other day on weekdays only (Please note: Timezone: GMT+8, Hong Kong time). Orders are sent to post office within 72 hours after payment is received. 

Can you ship my order ASAP?
Unless there are circumstances beyond our control we will aim to ship your order within 48-72 hours of receiving order payment.


What are the payment methods?
We accept Moneygram to bank account/Western Union cash pick-up/10-minute service, bitcoin, and bank-to-bank international transfer.

  • Bank-to-bank international transfer can take up to 5 working days to be received. Order/s won’t be shipped until the funds have cleared in our account.
  • Western Union will require an ID for international money transfer.

When sending payments, all transfers must be sent in USD for international wire transfer, and PHP for Moneygram Account Deposit. The money transfer agent will provide the equivalent amount in your local currency at the time of transfer.

Any funds received in a currency other than USD $ will be returned to you for correction and will then need to be resent in USD $.

Any amounts transferred which fall below your order balance will be communicated to you promptly in order for you to transfer the remaining sum prior to shipping.

IA superPharma will not ship any order unless cleared funds have been received beforehand. However, if exceptional circumstances arise, we may, at our discretion ship the order without prior payment.

Do you do meet-ups or COD?
Unfortunately, No

Can I pay using my credit card?
No we do not accept credit cards.

Can I pay via Paypal?
No we do not accept Paypal payments.

Can I pay via Western Union (WU)?

Do you have a payment cut-off?
We prefer that payments are made 24 hours before the schedule ship out. IA SuperPharma will send a reminder to make sure the order gets shipped out before the week ends.

Orders paid before 1pm (GMT+8) will be shipped within 48 hours.

Can I use my store credit to purchase special offers, promotions or discounts?
Unfortunately not. Store credit only applies to standard RRP products and pricing

*All money transfer charges will be shouldered by the customer. This includes Moneygram fee, and international bank transfer fee. If you have additional questions before placing an order view our FAQs page or directly email sales@iasuperpharma.is


Are your products properly dosed?
Yes. All of our products are manufactured to a production tolerance of +/- 1% meaning that there will never be more or less than 1% dose differentiation from the stated milligram dosages. Please see the forum section for recent blood tests confirming product potency and the customer review section for direct customer feedback. Further evidence can be seen online within the bodybuilding forums ASF, Outlaw and Muscle and Science body building forums

Are your products genuine? Are they effective?
Yes. Genuine, effective pharmaceutical grade human medications and correct to the dosage, ingredients listing and description on the labels and packaging as stated. What you see with IA SuperPharma is what you get – there are no substandard products at IA SuperPharma and we package our oils in clear glass vials with clear transparent labels to show our products legitimacy. Please see our testimonials and reviews section for further information

Why do you use GSO and Benzyl Alcohol? Why don’t you have the solvents that UGL’s use?
UGL’s use many different solvents due to the poor quality of their production techniques, raw materials and low process capability. Using super solvents like ethyl oleate is only necessary when you cant obtain real pharmaceutical grade hormone powders and clinical grade GSO. The GSO we use has an exceptional lipid profile which is perfectly suited to holding high milligrams of hormone in suspension whilst requiring less Benzy Alcohol to do so. The GSO we use costs us $19.50 per litre when we buy 50 litres of more so this should give you some idea of the quality of the oil. This equates to being able to produce 600mg/ml products that are smooth, painless and PIP free. Don’t be fooled by the nay sayers, “600mg/ml! It can’t be done! it can’t be done!” Its been done and has been done by IA SuperPharma for the last 8 years

Please review our IA SuperPharma forum for verification of PIP free, genuine 600mg/ml products and also read our ‘How do we make high mg oils PIP free

Are your bulk oils sterile, how do I rebottle them to 10ml vials safely?
100% sterile oil in 100% sterilised non reactive aluminium canisters – the oil will leave our facility in a perfectly sterile state and providing it has not been opened by customs for inspections then it will arrive with you in the same sterile condition as it left us. To decant/rebottle into 10ml glass vials please see our ‘How Too’ section in the IA SuperPharma forum

Why don’t you do bulk oils in sizes smaller than 250ml and orals smaller than 1000 pieces?
Bulk oils and orals are designed for the wholesale and distribution sized customers and as such the sizing and associated prices match their requirements perfectly. The bulk products sections have a significant price point difference for buys wishing to make a viable business profit by decanting the 250ml and 500ml canisters into 10ml retail vials and unsealing the orals in 50 or 100 count bottles. Due to the risk involved by the distributors of our products we only see it as fair and reasonable that they be given the volume discount options. In addition, the process of rebottling is relatively simple but its not for the everyday personal use sized quantities or customers

Why are your orals retailed in capsule form?
Due to global FDA regulations capsules are far easier to export overseas and clear through your customs than tablets since they can be declared as food and herbal supplements with ‘No Health Benefits Claimed – Supplement Facts Labels’. Our market research also tells us that customers prefer to orals in capsule form because they are easier to swallow and contain 300% less fillers and binders than pressed tablets. ?We also use different colour capsules for different countries to mimic popular products and we change the colour of our capsules regularly to stay ahead of customs detection. ?In consideration of these factors, capsules allow us the versatility to choose thousands of different colour variations and change over production runs in just a few minute

Can I have tablets?
Yes, if you can provide us with photocopies of your customs clearance permits and import/operators licenses for us to include with your shipment.

How many capsules?
Unless specified, orals are either presented in 100 count plastic bottles (as shown) or 1000 count bulk packs (as shown). 

How do you make certain that my 10ml vials are not under-filled?
We use a set automated vacuum syringe to pull the correct quantity of oil into the auto filler prior to it being inserted into the 10ml vial for filling. The gauges are set and secured at the start of each filling run and signed off by the production line QA officer prior to a production run. Please be aware that the vials we use for injectables can hold up to 12ml of oil making it look like its undefilled because it leaves a space at the top of the vial however, all vials are filled with a minimum of 10ml

A simple way for you too check the vial amount is to insert a 10ml syringe into the vial and suck out all the oil to confirm its unto or past the 10ml mark. Don’t remove the needle from the vial when you have done this simply push the oil back into the vial when your satisfied the amount is correct. When drawing out weekly injection amounts, make sure you extract exact quantity every time. Failure to correctly fill the syringe to the intended amount will result in you having more or less oil at a given point in your cycle than you originally accounted for. If you over filled the syringe each time even by 0.1ml after 10 withdrawals you will be 1ml short of what you planned and thats where the confusion starts with vial fill levels.

How can I be sure my orals are 60 pieces per pouch?
Unless you received a sample, you should have at least 60 capsules per order. IA SuperPharma weigh counts the orals to total 60 per pack and a manual check count is undertaken each time another 50 pouches have been made. If for some reason you believe that your bottle contains less than 60 pieces please contact us within 72 hours of receiving your parcel and we will send any shortfall with your next order. If you have additional questions before placing an order please view our FAQs page or directly email to sales@iasuperpharma.is


Although IA SuperPharma takes pride in its service offering and implements every possible step to make sure your order reaches you and reaches you in good condition there are times however rare, that your parcel may be subjected to forces out of our control that results in an order failing to be delivered or meet the expectations of the customer that may lead to possible disappointment or frustration

If this is the case then in the first instance, and if you are not a forum member please contact sales@iasuperpharma.is clearly describing the problem and attach photos if required. We will initially respond to acknowledge your email and inform you that we are reviewing the information you have sent, investigating if need be and establishing the facts before we reply to you and respond fully. Please be patient whilst we do this because it may take a little time to gather the information needed

If you are a forum member then we understand thats its usual for you to inform the forum representative and make him aware of the issue prior to contacting IA SuperPharma directly. This is completely acceptable and in most incidences an issue is resolved there and then however if the problem requires more information then Xsbobber will follow a similar course of action as stated above and cc both yourself and orders@iapharma1.com on the reply. Or you can always check our FAQs page before sending your complaint

If the issue is found to be the fault of IA SuperPharma or its an issue we can assist you with, then we implement every possible measure to correct the problem, replace or reship as required and or aid you in finding a solution (assisting you with recovering crashed gear being one such incidence). In short we will work with you every step of the way to present you with a satisfactory out come.

If however, the fault does not lie with IA SuperPharma and its clear the issue is the result or responsibility of a third party mail carrier, transit country, the customer or act of god then we will not be under any obligation to reship, readdress or reimburse you for such losses as clearly stated within our terms, conditions and policies that you agreed to and accepted at the point of submitting your order. Now that being said, we understand that anger can become apparent at the point you realise there will be no redress to your issue and so we urge you to fully read the terms, conditions and policies specified in the website prior to placing your order. Not reading the terms, conditions and policies and then making threats to our staff or posting untrue or defamatory comments online in the hope of trying to redeem your mistake will not help or solve the situation and in some cases the only option left open to IA SuperPharma to rebuff these claims will be to post the entire email thread between the two parties on our blog page, forums and other areas of relevance on the internet.We make customer satisfaction our number 1 priority and will do everything possible to achieve it but occasionally and only when forced to do so, having exhausted all other forms of medication we may publicly have to present the original email correspondence for forum peer review


By submitting your order you are agreeing to all of IA SuperPharma Terms and Conditions,Shipping Policies and Disclaimers. Please take a moment to read through these policies to avoid any disappointment at a later date.