How do I change my order?

All orders can be changed, so long as we have not yet shipped said order.
If you have not yet paid, simply cancel your order and place a new one.
If you have already paid for your order, but need to change something (e.g. update shipping address, add or remove products) reply to us on your payment ticket and we can make the necessary changes.

How could I know the status of my order?

By logging into your account and reviewing the following information:

  • Pending Order: Awaiting payment
  • Processing: Payment is noted or received. Preparing for shipment.
  • Complete: Order has been shipped and updated with tracking number.
How much is the minimum order?

Our International site has no minimum order, however for small orders we charge a $50 shipping and handling fee, and small orders may miss out on promotions and other deals. See the front page for the latest.

Our domestic sites may have different terms. Please check with them before ordering.

It’s my first time ordering with you guys, can I get free stuff and products to try before I buy?

The answer unfortunately is no. We get asked this question a lot and we often wonder what other online companies do you know that ship free products at their expense to potential customers before they buy? So please don’t ask for free gear because refusal often offends...

Discounts for pro competitors, or mass bulk orders?

Pro Competitors: IA Superpharma only sponsors top-level athletes. You would already need to be a Pro Card holder to be eligible for consideration.

Mass/Bulk Order Discounts: Individual orders over $5,000 are eligible for distributor pricing. See our distributor page on the International site for details.

Can you give me a pricelist of your anabolic steroid products in my local currency?

No. IA Superpharma only retails, trades and accepts payments in USD (USD $). All prices shown are in US dollars (USD $).

What is the best product for me? What should I be taking? My mate said I should use this like that, what do you recommend?

IA Superpharma has provided standard safe and effective dosages for every product (on the product page). We do not give individual advice as to what and how a customer should use or give personalized cycle advice simply because you may not like or benefit from the products we advise. IA Superpharma encourages customers to do their own research based on their goals, body type, and health conditions before deciding on which product/s to get and how to use them. We do not support ‘bro science’. For these reasons IA Superpharma advises you to study the compounds you intend to use extensively so you make an informed choice that’s personally successful for you and ultimately get maximum results from what you chose.

IA Superpharma advises you to consult with a physician prior to ordering or using our products.

Do you have a remailer or distributor in my country? Can they send it to me? Can my seized international order be resent from your domestic shipper?

No, No and No. We have no need or use for third parties or agents in our operation. Remailers and distributors are the number 1 cause for law enforcement raids on domestic customers because their remailer or distributor was busted and made to work with the police to provide names addresses and ‘give up’ information on the customers they supply and the UGL they work for.

If you ordered from the international website and your order was seized at customs then your free seizure resend will be shipped to you internationally. Domestic operations are not responsible for replacing internationally ordered product as they operate as franchise arms of IA Superpharma.