Storing Gear / Expiration Dates

Injectables #

Oil-Based Products #

IA Superpharma typically uses grapeseed oil (GSO) as a carrier for our regular-strength anabolic preparations. Assuming you don't contaminate the vial with a dirty needle, the contents will remain sterile due to Benzyl Alcohol. Oxidation of the oil itself is possible though. You don't want to inject rancid oil! The following factors will determine how long that vial is good for:

  • Exposure to Light

    Notice how olive oil comes in dark containers? Light degrades oil over time.

  • Exposure to Heat

    Excessive heat will cause the oil in your product to degrade faster. We recommend storing all GSO products at a temperature between XC and YC.  Refrigeration is not necessary, and will not substantially effect the shelf life of your product (though it may cause the active ingredients to drop out of solution, aka "crash", but this is easily remedied by running a bit of hot water over the vial).

  • Exposure to Oxygen

    This is the BIGGEST reason for product spoilage. When you receive a new bottle of product, there is a minimal amount of air inside the vial. As you withdraw product, air is let into the vial from the outside, which WILL OXIDIZE the oil over time, causing what is commonly called "rancidity".

If you have 1cc left over after your cycle, it's probably not the best idea to hold it for a year to use in your next cycle.

Assuming you keep your GSO-based products in a cool/dark place, you can expect the following shelf lives:
Unopened vial: 3 years
Mostly used vial: 10 months

Glycol-Based Products #

IA Superpharma's more exotic line of injectables are based in glycol. Incidentally, the glycols we use have a fantastic oxidation profile -- in other words, they take a LOT LONGER to oxidize than traditional GSO. Even if opened and exposed to air, your glycol-based product will be good for at least 3 years.

Peptides (Lyophilized Powder) #

Freeze-dried (lyophilized) powders sealed in unopened vials have an incredibly long shelf life. Once reconstituted however, the expiration timer starts. ALWAYS keep reconstituted peptides in the refrigerator.