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Although IA Superpharma takes pride in its service offering and implements every possible step to make sure your order reaches you in good condition, there are rare times that your parcel may be subjected to forces out of our control that result in an order failing to be delivered, or meet your expectations, leading to possible disappointment or frustration.

If something happens, please log into your account and reply to your order ticket clearly describing the problem, attaching photos if relevant. We will initially respond to acknowledge your message and inform you that we are reviewing the information you have sent, investigating if need be and establishing the facts before we reply to you and respond fully. This process takes some time, so please be patient while we do this.

If the issue is found to be the fault of IA Superpharma, or it's an issue we can assist you with, then we implement every possible measure to correct the problem, replace or reship as required and or aid you in finding a solution (assisting you with recovering crashed gear being one such incidence). In short, we will work with you every step of the way to present you with a satisfactory outcome.

If however, the fault does not lie with IA Superpharma and it's clear the issue is the result or responsibility of a third party mail carrier, transit country, the customer, or act of god then we will not be under any obligation to reship, readdress or reimburse you for such losses as clearly stated within the terms and policies stated here (that you agreed to and accepted at checkout).

Slander Warning #

Failure to understand the policies set forth on this site does not give you license to publicly slander, defame, harass, or threaten IA Superpharma, its staff, or any of its affiliates. If you opt to pursue this path anyway, please consider that you're spending even more time on something that cannot change. If we deem it necessary to defend brand reputation against slander in a public space (forum, social media etc), we may disclose previously private communication between you and us. This divulgement only serves the purpose of brand protection, and will be limited to the scope of the immediate slander -- we do NOT doxx people.