Shipping Policy

Due to Covid19 flight restrictions and global logistical issues, please anticipate occasional mail delays when ordering***

*Our EMS shipper here can send to the following destinations:

COVID-19 UPDATE: Check Live Shipping Page for places EMS will ship to.

**All other destination countries are now fully open and will be shipped with Registered Airmail (RR Mail), still a great service but takes about a month longer than EMS to be delivered. (Currently suspended- limited international mail service due to Covid)

***Products may be dispatched in several parcels in padded envelopes using a discreet format, and/or stealth packaging from several IA operations in 2 different countries (this applies to bulk powders). IA Superpharma ensures that all packages are shipped with maximum discretion and are prepared with the utmost care and precaution, specifically to minimize parcel seizure and detection rates. IA Superpharma takes great care to ensure the highest possibility of successful delivery of your packages, and as such IA Superpharma prefers to use International Express Mail Service (EMS) as delivery courier of choice, however other methods like RR registered mail will be used where EMS is unavailable.

Places we ship to

See our shipping destination page for the latest shipping information

Delivery Time and Delays

Please note there are several situations that can cause delivery delays. An international shipment normally passes through the local and national postal service in the country of origin, exportation, shipment transfer through ports of exit, transit to destination country with international postal service, importation in destination country (customs clearance), and the local and national postal service in the destination country, etc. Each step has an impact on the delivery time. Even if the majority of these steps are successfully executed in a timely manner, inefficiency or temporary inactivity during any step in between is enough to extend delivery time over the usual time frame. Holidays are another factor that can cause delays. IA Superpharma accepts no responsibility for delays caused by factors that are not under our control*. IA Superpharma will ship your order within 5 business days after we confirm your payment has cleared.

*Covid19 has severely interrupted global shipping and as such mail delivery times have been unpredictable and unavoidable - please be patient when ordering and allow for additional time for deliveries - all the parcels are sent via airmail so no flights = no mail movement.   The tracking system will update you when your package starts to move. 

Parcel Tracking and Proof of Delivery

IA Superpharma uses the tracking system operated by the government mail service in the country of destination to track and provide proof that a parcel has been delivered. IA Superpharma uses the information displayed by these systems to validate a successful delivery. When the tracking screen shows 'delivered', 'received by' etc then it is deemed to be so. Proof of delivery can be obtained from any EMS tracking system by email, and if requested they provide us with a scanned copy of the original signed delivery receipt for dispute resolution.

No matter which country you are in you can track your parcel at any time using these popular tracking sites:

For tracking information specific to your country then please track it on your countries national postal service provider such as:

EMS and RR Registered Air Mail Service

Standard Shipping Times with NO COVID IMPACTS: 

Express Mail Service (EMS)

  • Delivery time: 8 to 20 business days - the further from the Philippines you are the longer it takes
  • Delivery Signature Required: YES.
  • Online Tracking Provided or your countries national postal service provider
  • Free resend included only if you send us a photo of the seizure letter as proof
  • Most countries are eligible for EMS service.  View EMS eligible countries

Registered Airmail:

  • Delivery Time: cannot specify due to Covid 19 flight restrictions - the further from the Philippines you are the longer it takes
  • Delivery Signature Required: Usually NO.
  • Tracking number will be provided, parcel tracking is best checked online at or your countries national postal service provider
  • Free resend included only if you send us a photo of the seizure letter as proof

Local Shipping:

  • For local Philippines customers, courier shipping will be arranged.
Shipping Cost

Free Shipping is available when you spend over $275. Offers are on the home page of the website.

If you're interested in a small 'test' order, and don't want to spend the minimum to get freebee's no problem!. Shipping costs for small orders is fixed at $50USD. This covers the average cost of shipping 0-500g anywhere in the world with EMS.

What is your shipping schedule?

We ship Monday through Friday.

Can you ship my order ASAP?

Unless there are circumstances beyond our control, we will aim to ship your order within 15 working days of confirming order payment.

*Due to the still ongoing issues we still face from Covid-19, order processing now takes longer. We have limited staff and huge number of orders to process. Please bear with us as we try to pack and ship your orders.

Limitation of Liability / Customer Responsibility

Please note the following:

  • We do not control parcel delivery.
  • You are responsible for providing the correct delivery address and receiver name. We will NOT make corrections to your information. What you type is what goes on the shipping label!
  • Any parcel deliverability issues due to address error, fake receiver name, etc. are your sole responsibility.
  • We cannot change the name or address details once the parcel has been shipped, as we don't have the authority to correct it with the carrier.
  • "special delivery instructions" are subject to limitations of your local mail courier. IA Superpharma will not be held responsible for any deviations or incorrect interpretation of such instructions by your courier.
  • All international shipping may be subject to Customs tax/ import duties & fees which you will be responsible for.
  • We cannot pass any instructions to your mailman after your parcel has shipped.
  • IA Superpharma accepts no responsibility for global mail delays due to Covid 19


We (IA Superpharma) accept no responsibility for confirming the import requirements, regulations, and restrictions as defined by your country's government. Furthermore, we will not be held accountable for legal action that might be brought against you as a result of ordering from this store. You assume full exclusive responsibility and risk for all orders you place with us. In addition, communication requirements/paperwork requirements to and from your government, customs and postal agencies are also your sole responsibility.

Stealth Shipping #

Due to advancements in customs inspection technology, we have classified certain shipping destinations as Stealth Shipping Only. This means ALL orders shipped to these destinations will be repackaged with the sole intention of avoiding customs detection and inspection.

Mandatory Stealth Shipping Destinations #

This list is not all-inclusive. We reserve the right to update this list at any time.

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Most European countries
  • United Kingdom
  • USA States:
    • California
    • Arizona
    • Texas
    • Hawaii

In order to get your parcel to clear customs, we employ various strategies, some of which may include (not limited to):

  • misdeclared goods
  • alternate descriptions
  • hidden inside consumer items
  • labels changed to comply with import requirements of destination
  • packaged as cosmetics sets in plastic and glass bottles
  • foil sachets
  • toys
  • machine oils
  • organic oils
  • moisturisers
  • lubricants
  • industrial tooling
  • electronics sets
  • cooking sets

This ‘art of misdirection’ is a continually refined methodology that puts us a step ahead of customs detection methods. As a result, we've enjoyed exceptional customs clearance rates over the past 10 years.

All stealth packaging is purposefully made & selected for safe passage through any customs inspection. All packaging is 100% sterile, and it's safe to use your product directly from the stealth container it arrives in (see how to use oil from a stealth bottle).

Stealth for Peptides #

Because peptides must ship as lyophilized powder in a sterile glass vial, it is more costly to ship them via stealth shipping, namely due to stricter quantity limitations and additional diversion required to mask the contents of the parcel. Vial labels as shown on this site will NOT be included for obvious reasons. If you order more than one type of peptide product, you can identify what's in the vial by comparing the number on the vial with the number on the product code page (scroll down to peptides).

Peptides will ship directly from Philippines or China, subject to per-parcel quantity limitations recommended by our packing team at the time we process your order. Keep in mind, an additional fixed shipping fee will apply to all stealth shipments of peptide vials.

Stealth Shipping Opt-Out #

If you absolutely must have retail packaging (as displayed on this site), you may "opt out" of stealth shipping by stating your request in writing in the order notes field at checkout. We will comply with your request, but please be advised:

We will not offer any resend insurance nor guarantee should your items be seized, held, or otherwise lost in transit.

If the order is exceptionally large, complex or requires specific stealth provisions, we will divide the order into the necessary amount of shipping packages at our discretion, determined by our experience. For stealth shipping to high-risk destinations, we will separate orals, oils and peptides in separate parcels to avoid detection by customs, which may incur extra cost.

How do you stealth ship to low-risk destinations?

Stealth shipping to low detection risk destinations is easy, and we only employ the lightest levels of stealth to ensure that your parcel will be delivered on the first attempt almost 100% of the time. Customs in these countries/states are not looking for AAS in particular but they will intercept if there are obvious signs that the parcel contains branded vials and bottles etc.

To safely slip your order past these points without hindrance we do little more than to missdeclare the contents and value of the parcel, change the parcels size and shape to make it looks like it hold something other to what it does and add the parcel to make it feel different to what you would expect a parcel containing bottles and vials to feel like. This is just ‘sleight of hand’ and works exceptionally well on low paid, bored, undervalued customs inspection officials.

Our success rate to low detection level destinations is 100% on the first shipment – second free resend is never needed.

How do you stealth ship to medium-risk destinations?

Stealth shipping to medium detection risk destinations is relatively straightforward. On top of the measures we employ in low-risk destination shipping, we may also shield the products in specific grade and density materials that scanners can’t penetrate, and/or change the container methods and labels to present them as aromatherapy kits, paint sets, cosmetics etc, all to ensure that your parcel will be delivered on the first attempt. In the ultra-rare case of seizure, a subsequent resend will ship via highest stealth level shipping components – these we won’t identify here for obvious reasons.

How do you stealth ship to high-risk destinations like Australia and Canada?

High detection risk destinations like Australia and Canada require a high degree of knowledge and experience in the systems and practices employed by the customs departments in these countries and our methods have evolved as the detection capabilities have evolved over the last 4 years. Both Australia and Canada have recently upgraded to new 6 point position scanner technology that have the same imaging capabilities as an advanced hospital MRI scanner and will detect the molecular density of the atomic structure of individual narcotics, steroids and liquid compounds. When detected the machines will auto select the parcel for human examination and kick it off the line. This technology is currently only employed by the Australian and Canadian governments due to cost and complexity. Australia and Canada now also have the online capability to identify peptides in powder form and conduct fast ion gas analysis to detect banned substances

Australia recently commissioned two new international gate way facilities at Melbourne and Sydney totalling some 5 billion AUD in the hope of stopping the flow of contraband into their country however, when you understand the technology involved and the limitations of both the men and machines in place its relatively simple to employ counter measures to defeat both. There are several materials we use that either block or scatter the beams refraction capabilities and render the image returned either useless or warped and unable to be defined as an item of concern. Actually, the greater the level of sophistication employed by these agencies, the easier it gets to beat them because they become over confident in the machines abilities

For obvious reasons we won’t detail what these materials and methods are.

I’m not in a high-risk destination, but I want my parcel shipped stealth anyway. Is this possible?

Yes! It’s no problem to us at all – obviously, additional shipping charges apply depending on the level of stealth you require, but these can be discussed with you when you place your order. You’re not the first person to ask this so don’t worry! We have many customers request this as to thwart detection by their spouses, partners, parents or housemates. Interested in doing this? Contact us BEFORE you place an order.