Minimum Order Requirement

  • Minimum order amount is based on cart subtotal.
  • Orders under ₱2500 are not eligible for any of the promotions (free shipping, BOGOs, free products, or other discounts).
  • Orders under ₱2500 are subject to a small handling surcharge in addition to shipping costs.
  • Discounts may bring your final total below this number without penalty.

Free Shipping
Orders over ₱2500 ship free.

Birthday Promo
Read more HERE.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Promotion

  • Buy TWO of the SAME product, and an extra ONE item of that product will add FREE to your cart, scaling without limit.
  • No substitutions allowed.
  • Offer only valid on retail peptides, orals, and oils products only (does not apply to bulk powders, generic meds, etc).
  • Subject to change without notice.
  • You MUST add at least ₱2500 of product to your cart to enable BOGO rules.

Buy More Save More Promotion
Use code iasp, get 5% off.
Spend ₱10,000, get an extra 5% off.
Spend ₱25,000, get an extra 10% off.
Spend ₱75,000, get an extra 15% off.
Spend ₱125,000, get an extra 20% off.
Spend ₱200,000, get an extra 25% off.

Buy More Get Gifts Promotion
Spend ₱2,500, get free CLEN 40!
Spend ₱6,000, get free TEST-E 250!
Spend ₱10,000, get free ANAVAR 25!

Choose-A-Gift Promotion
Once you have added at least ₱3500 of items to your cart, you may opt to receive ONE of the following items as a free gift by entering its corresponding coupon code on the checkout screen:

  • 1 x vial Test-E, 250mg/ml ( coupon: BLACKPILL )
  • 1 x satchet CLEN40 ( coupon: REDPILL  )

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