Please read before you proceed:

IA Superpharma USA Lite is very different from IA Superpharma International. It is important to familiarize yourself with IA USA Lite’s rules before submitting an order.

Last updated on May 5th, 2020 at 10:18 pm.

General Info

  • Simple - A smaller range (but expanding) compared to the international site and the USA domestic shipping operation of IA SuperPharma. It offers the necessary gear you need.
  • IA SuperPharma Lite USA only sells and ships to USA.
Can I still order from IA SuperPharma International?
  • Yes. It will be a separate order with separate invoice and billing, and will be shipped from Asia. Click HERE to return to the international site.
Why is there a shipping fee and no resend?

We are shouldering all the risks and costs to get the products in the US. Resends are not required since there is no customs inspection for domestic mail. We need to charge a small shipping fee to cover some expenses to set up shop domestically for your convenience.

What is your minimum order?


IMPORTANT NOTICE: All orals are sold in 60 capsules per pack.


  • Due to improved efficiencies orders will strictly be cancelled if payment is not made in three (3) days. No extensions.
  • You will have to place a new order if your previous order had already been cancelled.
  • For the protection of our team, all payments will still be to the Philippines.
  • We suggest that you get a Bitcoin wallet for easier & faster payment - big discounts are offered for crypto payments so it's well worth the effort of learning how they work.
  • Our ONLY accepted payment options are International Wire Transfer (bank to bank), Western Union cash pick-up, Money Gram (along with many similar other transfer agents) and Bitcoin.
    • Credit cards
    • CIM or COD
  • Orders will be shipped within 5 days of receiving cleared funds.
  • Paypal is available to repeat and trusted customers ONLY. 
  • From January 2, 2020 same day shipping will apply to all orders paying with Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash 
  • Shipping schedule: We ship daily Monday-Friday, and on Saturdays for special cases. We will ship orders within 3 business days after getting the confirmation that the payment has already cleared/ picked up. This applies to NON CRYPTO CURRENCY PAYMENT OPTIONS. Business days do not include weekends and holiday.
  • All orders are packed in a USPS box/envelope
  • All orders will be shipped via USPS. You will not be given a tracking number.
  • Once your order is processed by USPS, your order will be updated with an ETA.
  • We will also not replace product/s damaged in transit. Contact USPS for that.
  • IMPORTANT: We do not resend/replace orders returned to us due to incorrect shipping info or was unclaimed/refused by receiver. We use random return addresses and there is no way for us to retrieve your packs.
  • We DO NOT ship to APO's from the USA domestic site - if you want us to send to your APO (at your risk) please order on the international website
Returns & Refunds
  • No return and/or exchange after products have been shipped.
  • Refunds can only be processed if your order has not been shipped yet. And only through Bitcoins.
  • Once the product/s leave our office, it cannot be exchanged or returned.
  • We will also not replace product/s damaged in transit. Contact USPS for that.
  • All parcels will have fake return addresses so if you fail to pick up your mail or provided us the wrong address, there will be no resend.
  • Unlike IA SUPERPHARMA INTERNATIONAL, we do not offer a resend because your packs will less likely be inspected/confiscated by Customs.
  • We will only resend if our team:
    • Sent it to the wrong address.
    • Sent you the wrong item/s.
    • Need to replace a bad stock/ has a recall.
  • We will also not replace product/s damaged in transit. Contact USPS for that.
Problems with received order
  • All issues with the received order should be communicated to IA LITE USA within 24 hours of receiving your order.
  • What are the issues we can resolve?
    • Missing item/s
    • Wrong dosage received (Test-E 300 instead of Test-E 500)
Store Credit

Store Credits may be issued for a variety of reasons, including refunds, promotions, and other adjustments. They are functionally the same as cash. 1 store credit == 1 USD. Store credit can be used to pay EVERYTHING except shipping fees. If you wish to place a 100% store credit order, you'll need to qualify for free shipping. Store credits do NOT expire. Store credits are global over all IA sites - however they are fixed to USD. If a different IA site is running on a different currency (e.g. AUS), the value of 1 point of store credit will be adjusted appropriately.

REMEMBER: By submitting your order, you certify that you have read & understood the information on this page.