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Packaging: Stealth lotion 100ml bottle, containing 100g of product.
DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) topical aloe vera cream USP 10%

This product works best in conjunction with a regimented jelqing and or vacuum pumping program. Jelqing involves progressive and gradual stretching of tissue over time with the goal of elongating said tissue. Vacuum pumping involves the induction of swelling in the desired tissue by exposing the tissue to negative pressure.

DHT has been shown in clinical trials to increase endothelial function (improved vascular tone) in the penis.

For a comprehensive performance enhancing solution, consider adding other crucial ingredients to your program:

  • HGH or MK-677
  • PT-141 or Melanotan 2 Injectable (crazy libido enhancement, can cause embarassing wood at random moments)
  • Cabergoline (Cabaser, Dostinex)
  • PDE5 Inhibitor (such as our Hammer or Jackhammer products)
  • While you’re at it, might as well add in some supps as recommended over on the HOLY GRAIL OF CUM LOAD INCREASE thread.
  • Check out a popular Jelqing community on Reddit: AJelqForYou
  • Check out Penis Enlargement on thebiohacker.com: P.E. Forums

Dosage & administration:

Half life
12 hours
Adult dose (male)
Apply 1ml (quarter size) twice daily to the desired area, gently rubbing until the cream is fully absorbed
Adult dose (female)
Average Cycle Length
6 to 8 weeks for optimum results, continue as required and or until the desired effect has been achieved.
CAS Name
DHT; 5α-Dihydrotestosterone; 5α-DHT; Androstanolone; Stanolone; 5α-Androstan-17β-ol-3-one

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  1. BroGang (verified owner)

    I just want to thank your team at iasuperpharma sincerely and beyond words. I was recommended to try Diktator on a forum randomly looking up advice on how to grow this summer, and this amazing product actually works, its shocking. This is after only going through one bottle of your guys’ stuff over ~3 months. Time to order more!

    The Peter Griffin “WHY ARE WE NOT FUNDING THIS” meme comes to mind. Not trying to sound facetious, or dumb, just honest. This concoction is the holy grail, and if I ever run for senate or president I’ll make sure to partner with your team to source your product directly from you to young (or old) adults across America who experience sadness, anxiety and sexual inadequacy. This is a TRUE game changer and once again THANK YOU!

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