Genuine Product Validation Program

Table of Contents

Are you sure your product is 100% genuine?

Counterfeits have long plagued the PED industry. Did you know that even sophisticated holograms can be copied and made to look convincingly real?

Fakers can deliver a 99.99% copy easily and en masse - the only exception being the actual product (active ingredient) is usually one of the following:

  1. Best case: Active ingredient from a different supplier, counterfeiter just using the brand name to make cash.
  2. Most common case: Ingredients are inferior, diluted, or substituted (chopped), allowing for extreme low-cost production to undercut the actual brand sellers. Remember: WE DO NOT HAVE RESELLERS.
  3. Worst case: A competitor wants to damage the reputation of the brand. Add some toxic crap to a vial, slap a good company's label on it, and watch chaos ensue.
To tackle this issue for our customers, we've adopted a service that functions similarly to that of software licensing (think MS Windows product activation).

The Validation Process: #

  • Step 1: Identifier Assignment

    Each vial, sachet, or bottle we produce receives a UNIQUE, COMPLEX, AND RANDOM identification number.
    Two bottles of Test? Each will have a DIFFERENT number!
    Yes, this means THOUSANDS of codes are made each year.

  • Step 2: Identifier Registration

    Once created, these unique identification numbers are registered into a database.

  • Step 3: QR Code Generation

    The identification number, along with some other information is then encoded into a QR code that is printed on the product.

  • Step 4: Customer scans QR with mobile device

    When the customer scans the QR code, they are taken to our validation website. The identification number is included in the website address.

  • Step 5: Validation Occurs

    When the website loads on your phone, two things will happen:

    1. you will see info about your product's code, & most importantly the number of times anyone has scanned the QR code on your product.
    2. the website will "call home" to our validation service to increase the QR scan count by one.

    How to tell if your product is genuine:
    The number of times requested // "scan count" should be ZERO if you've never scanned the code before.

    ...also, the web address that contains this scan count needs to be ""... not or etc.

  • Couldn't counterfeiters make their own fake QR codes?

    They could yes, but these codes would not be registered in the validation system. Remember, these codes are random, not in order, and very complex. Chances of them guessing a valid unused code are approximately zero // computationally impractical. They COULD, however, make an entirely fake validation website, hence the importance of checking the web address when you scan the QR code.

  • What if there is no QR code on my product?

    Our go-live for product validation on the USA site was Q4 2022. Products ordered before this may not have QR codes.

  • How does this work with Stealth shipping?

    QR codes on stealth packaging can be found UNDER the stealth label. Don't worry it won't be visible from the outside!