Resetting your account password

For customer safety, we stopped offering password-reset "service" in 2018. This means our staff CANNOT and thus WILL NOT reset ANY user account password.

...Why not?

  • Emails can be spoofed.
  • Facebook accounts can be compromised by your "loved ones".
  • Spouses, partners, and "friends" of our customers have routinely abused this in the past to gain access to accounts.
  • We have a reset process you can use yourself.

Please watch this video to learn how you can reset your own password:

The most common errors people make when trying to reset a password are:

  1. Not finding the password reset email. If you're using GMAIL, check your promotions and updates tab, and yes, check SPAM/Junk. Google will never land our emails in your primary tab.
  2. Using a password that's too basic. Watch the video. "123abc" ain't gonna work.
  3. Typing in different passwords. Yes ya gotta do it twice, and they gotta match.
  4. Auto-fill screwin' up your day. Got the old password saved in the browser or keychain? Yeah that ain't gonna work so hot when you're typing in a NEW password.


  • If it seems too wonky, don't do this on your phone. Try a different computer, or use incognito/private browsing.
  • If you find yourself resetting your password frequently, consider using a password manager (e.g. Bitwarden).