Synthetic treatment for low testosterone

Enanthate Vs. Cypionate

Synthetic treatment for low testosterone

Testosterone, for both males and females, is a vital hormone that is responsible for many bodily functions. As a widely-known ‘male hormone’, it is in charge of a man’s genital, muscle, and bone development. It has a tremendous effect on male traits so much so that it also affects his sexual desires.

In a 2006 study published by the International Journal of Clinical Practice, however, 40% of men older than 45 years were found to have abnormally low levels of testosterone. In cases such as this, men resort to injecting synthetic testosterone.

During the 1940s, these synthetic testosterones were considered anti-aging wonder drugs but numerous researches have emerged since then, proving that these substances can be used as a treatment for low testosterone levels and a booster of athletic performance.

Here are some benefits of increasing your testosterone levels:

  • Muscles: It can increase protein synthesis, muscle mass, and energy.
  • Bones: It increases in spinal and hip bone density.
  • Body Fat: It blocks the uptake and storage of fat and increases the number of fat burning beta-adrenergic receptors.
  • Libido: It benefits sexual activity by enhancing sexual health and performance.
  • Kidneys: It stimulates red blood cell production by producing erythropoietin (EPO).

That being said, two of the most popular in Testosterone Replacement Therapy and bodybuilding are Enanthate and Cypionate—also known as Depo-Testosterone. The two have similar structures but their main differences lie in accessibility and price point; Enanthate is widely manufactured worldwide while cypionate is less common outside the United States and proves to be more expensive. Nonetheless, many bodybuilders still buy Testosterone Cypionate for it has a much longer lifespan and it prevents one from having that ‘bloated’ look from additional water retention. But, because it is less accessible, a number of users buy Testosterone Cypionate or Depo-testosterone online.

Luckily, bodybuilders and athletes can now have a perfect blend of both. With Gigatest 600mg, you get Enanthate and Cypionate in one injectable!