Cabergoline (Cabaser) in Treating Disorders

Bodybuilders prefer getting ripped without gaining excess fats. This is why many supplement their steroid cycles with Cabergoline tablets. These tablets contain a substance called cabergoline, an ergot derivative that acts as a dopamine receptor agonist. Cabergoline’s ability to inhibit prolactin-related side effects earned it a name in the bodybuilding world. However, a number of religious users are still unfamiliar with its medical abilities. This is quite surprising as it was originally manufactured for that very purpose.

To learn more about its medicinal uses, here are the three diseases associated with cabergoline treatment:

Carbergoline in Treating Parkinson's Disease

1. Prolactinoma

Prolactinoma, as defined by The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney, as a ‘benign noncancerous tumor of the pituitary gland that produces a hormone called prolactin’. It is caused by too much prolactin in the blood or by the pressure of tumors in surrounding tissues. Consequently, prolactin can also cause reduced fertility, breast changes, and headaches.

In treating prolactinoma, doctors usually refer to cabergoline under its brand name ‘Dostinex’. Dostinex tablets were first approved as a treatment for hyperprolactinemic disorders in December 1996 by the FDA. Since then, numerous people buy Dostinex to treat hormonal imbalances linked to prolactin in the blood.

2. Parkinson’s Disease

The Parkinson’s Foundation reported that more than 10 million people worldwide are living with Parkinson’s Disease. It is a progressive movement disorder caused by degeneration of brain cells in one of the brain’s movement control centers. It is primarily caused by the deficiency of a chemical called ‘Dopamine’ which prevents your body from producing prolactin.

At times, the best treatment for such disorder can involve conventional drugs such as dopamine agonists and levodopa. As a dopamine agonist, cabergoline—under the brand name ‘Cabaser’—binds itself to dopamine receptors and enhances its effect, thus, reversing the signs of Parkinson’s Disease.

3. Galactorrhea

Cabergoline, according to an article from, is commonly used to prevent the onset of normal lactation when there is a medical need to do so. In some cases,  the nipple discharges more than the normal amount when breastfeeding and invite a number of painful effects. This underlying problem is called Galactorrhea. It usually occurs in women, even if they’ve never had children or are already in menopause. Some of the common causes of Galactorrhea are medication side effects, disorders of the pituitary gland, and increased levels of prolactin.

Since Cabergoline prevents the production of prolactin, it can halt the process of lactation. Moreover, prolactinoma is also one primary cause of such lactation. As mentioned before, this can be treated with cabergoline.


Having said all that, users must note that deciding to buy cabergoline and using it to treat the following ailments require a doctor’s prescription. Before you buy cabergoline, asses your medical conditions and have them evaluated by your doctor.