Triptorelin Acetate

One-shot PCT with Triptorelin? Are you a long-time gear user and find yourself dependent on HCG/HMG during off-cycles to maintain testosterone/fertility? Read more below, as Triptorelin may be of strategic use.


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The Problem

Mainstream PCT usually involves brief HCG and/or HMG use followed by SERMs like Tamoxifen and Clomiphene (goal = restore endogenous testosterone and sperm production in the testes).

Sometimes, a user will find the effect of HCG/HMG to be TEMPORARY/insufficent for a timely HGPA restart, because the pituitary gland (which normally makes HCG/HMG, in the form of LH/FSH) has also been "asleep" for quite some time).

One could in theory stay on HCG/HMG indefinitely, but this is contrary to many people's goals when "coming off" (not to mention, quite a pain in the ass).

Why Triptorelin?

What if we could send a signal to actually wake the pituitary up? Normally, the hypothalamus produces GNrH, which does exactly this.

An extremely small and short-acting dose of Triptorelin will effectively replace this signal, signalling the pituitary to turn back on. If it's small enough, it won't shut down the hypothalamus or down-regulate the pituitary GNrH receptors.


Please read the DOSING & ADMINISTRATION TAB (above) for instructions on how to take this!


Did you know that one of Triptorelin's clinical uses is monthly chemical castration for sex offenders? Of course, the dose is much higher -- so high it basically burns out and desensitizes the system. Scientifically, the pituitary's GNrH receptors down-regulate in response to the excess Triptorelin, and thus become much less responsive to not only Triptorelin, but any GNrH your hypothalamus makes. This causes the pituitary to stop secreting most if not all LH/FSH, resulting in a total crash in sperm and testosterone production.


Injecting an ENTIRE VIAL of this product or multiple doses will cause bad things will happen.

(see dosing information tab!)


Triptorelin is commonly found in two different forms:

Triptorelin Acetate:
The Acetate salt has a shorter half-life in the body, and is commonly found in 2mg vials. We recommend and thus stock and sell this version.

Triptorelin Pamoate:
The Pamoate salt has a longer half-life, and comes in 3.75mg vials. Less ideal for PCT.

Packaging: Single vial containing lyophilized product.
Triptorelin Acetate BP 2mg
Half life
2.5 to 13.8 hours
100 micrograms
Average Cycle Length
Single Dose
Estimated at 100%
CAS Number

How much should I take?

The effective single-shot dose of Triptorelin Acetate is 0.1mg (100 micrograms). For our product specifically, that amounts 5 percent of, or exactly 120th of the 2-milligram vial. We recommend filling the vial with 2cc of BA water, so you can withdraw a more accurate measurement when dividing so small. Following the guidelines above, a single dose would be 10 units on an insulin syringe. If you still have 95% of the fluid left in your vial, you did it right!

Can I take a 2nd dose?

We strongly recommend waiting at least 2-3 weeks before attempting an optional 2nd dose of Triptorelin. Dosing too soon may desensitize your pituitary unnecessarily, causing a more delayed recovery. In most cases also, a 2nd dose will not be needed or even recommended, as there may be some negative feedback to the hypothalamus’ own excretion of GNrH.


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