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IASP's NAD+ is an incredibly powerful compound, and must be dosed with extreme care. Please read through the dosing tab and perform further research should you purchase this product.


NAD+ is a coenzyme required for a healthy cellular metabolism. As we age, our cells' NAD+ levels gradually decline.

The decline in NAD+ levels is strongly correlated with diseases typical of the elderly, e.g. cognitive decline, DNA damage, cancer, amyloidosis, metabolic disease, sarcopenia and frailty. In our modern world, many of these diseases are presenting much earlier in life, presumably due to our ever-increasing exposure to environmental toxins and metabolic deregulators.

Many of these diseases can be slowed down or even reversed by restoring NAD+ levels.


  • nad_perk_lifespan


NAD+ stabilizes telomeres and thus ensures good DNA transcription. NAD+ also increases the activity of proteins SIRT1 and PARP1, which are linked with a slower rate of aging and also modulate DNA repair.

  • nad_perk_weight_loss

    Weight Loss

Weight loss becomes much easier with proper NAD+ levels - You literally have access to more energy, both mental and physical.

  • nad_perk_clear_head

    Ditch the Brain Fog

From depression to dementia, NAD+ deficiency has been implicated in many mental ailments. What starts off as "brain fog" never ends well, so give this a shot today!

  • nad_perk_save_money

    Save $$$

Wellness clinics are charging over $400 USD for a single 500mg drip! Do it yourself and save TONS of hard-earned cash.

  • nad_perk_vaccine_injury


"Long covid/vaxxed" is an umbrella term covering many seemingly unrelated ailments, but most of these can be traced back to mitochondrial dysregulation. Healthy mitochondrial function requires NAD+, and we know that exposure to the COVID S1 spike protein dysregulates NAD+ production pathways in humans to varying degrees.

For those who are exposed to the S1 spike on an ongoing basis (mRNA vaccinated, ongoing reinfections etc), these pathways may continue to suffer dysregulation. Supplementing with our product directly restores NAD+ levels, skipping the need to for your body to generate its own. Feel better immediately and avoid mitochondrial dysregulation-related disease and symptoms least until Big Pharma figures out a way to undo their mess.

  • nad_perk_cell_repair

    Restore proper Autophagy

Autophagy, also known as cell "cleanup", requires proper NAD+ levels to function correctly. If autophagy cannot happen as required, downstream consequences such as DNA damage, epigenetic alteration (and thus cancer / amyloidosis) present a much higher risk over time.

  • nad_perk_energy


A NAD+ deficiency is literally robbing you of energy every single day. Turn more of your food into actionable energy by fixing your cellular metabolism!

  • nad_perk_roa

    Effective ROA

NAD+ is only therapeutic via an injectable ROA (route of administration). Oral NAD+ is not sufficiently bioavailable. Yes, including that expensive "liposomal" crap. Don't waste your money!

Packaging: Single 10ml vial containing lyophilized product. Sterile/ bacteriostatic water sold separately
Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide BP 500mg



NAD+ is incredibly powerful. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN if you inject it too fast.

Each vial contains 500mg of NAD+, and is intended to be administered slowly. Typically, this is achieved with IV drip infusion therapy at a wellness clinic, where the NAD+ solution drips into your vein slowly over the course of a couple hours.

Unless you're a phlebotomist, EMT, or hardcore heroin user etc.,  please do not attempt self-venipuncture for doing an IV at homeWe have a much easier way below.


We need to get this stuff in slowly! This means, no injecting into muscles or veins! Read that last sentence again.

The only option we recommend is a subcutaneous (belly fat) injection with an insulin needle, coupled with a vastly smaller dose.

Your fat will slow the dispersal of NAD+ into your bloodstream a little bit - typically water-based compounds injected subcutaneously will disperse over the course of several minutes. Because 500mg (even spread over minutes) will still royally screw you up, we need to split it up into smaller doses!


We recommend reconstituting IASP NAD+ with 5ml of BA water. This makes measuring doses easy as seen below.

Testing Sensitivity

If you've never injected NAD+ before, you need to evaluate your body's reaction to it. We recommend starting with 25mg subcutaneously.

Assuming you reconstituted your vial with 5ml of BA Water, the partial doses, if needed, are as follows:

25mg NAD+: 0.25ml (25 units)
50mg NAD+: 0.50ml (50 units)
100mg NAD+: 1.00ml (100 units)
(never exceed 100mg in a single injection)

What to expect: Side Effects

Your tolerance to NAD+ side effects will change somewhat with repeated dosing. View the table below to see what you're in for. If you start with 25mg, expect to experience some of the symptoms in the "LOW" dose column. If you gradually increase your dose to 100mg over time and your body gets used to it, you should expect to symptoms to actually improve (i.e. never experience the medium or high levels in the chart), despite the dose increase.

Some users subjectively report the side effects feel a little bit like taking a PDE-5 inhibitor (viagra etc). Side effects go away within an hour or two post-injection.

Brain Fog
Chest Tightness / Pain
Feeling of Disassociation
Flushed Skin
Muscle Aches
Numbness in arms, hands, legs, or feet
Insomnia (if taken close to bedtime)
Shortness of breath
Stuffy Nose
Tingling in arms, hands, legs, or feet

no problems?

If the 25mg dose didn't bring on any negative side effects: Great! Increase the dose 25mg at a time until you reach 100mg per dose.

Eh, that felt weird...

If the 25mg dose presented uncomfortable side effects: You're very sensitive to this stuff, which is ok! Assuming the  effects were not too intense, repeat the same dose for your second shot. Only attempt to increase the dose if/when the uncomfortable sides become tolerable on repeated injection. 25mg at a time is still strongly therapeutic, so keep up with it!

Sample Schedule

Patients going in for NAD+ IV drip therapy (especially those with severe symptoms) will undergo a "loading" phase, with several treatments in quick succession. Thereafter, they will continue on a maintenance schedule that is 100% determined by how they feel, subjectively.

Because you're doing-it-yourself, your schedule becomes much more flexible. With IASP NAD+, you can inject it any time, any where. A little bit each day can easily equate to one huge 2-hour drip once per week.  Also, expect the contribution of each shot you take to last roughly 4 to 6 weeks.

Below is a sample plan that might serve as a starting point for your research*.

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Week 125mg50mg75mg100mg100mg100mg100mg
Week 2100mg100mg100mg100mg100mg100mg100mg
Week 3+100mg--100mg--100mg--100mg

*Disclaimer: Our staff cannot give advice on individual treatment plans.


NAD+ at-home/mail-in tests:
These can be useful for establishing a baseline, and are most accurate in this range (i.e., your body's natural levels, before you stick the needle in).


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