Minoxidil (2,4-diamino-6-piperidinopyrimidine 3-oxide) is a medication used for the treatment of high blood pressure and pattern hair loss in males and females.  It is an antihypertensive vasodilator.  It is available as a generic medication by prescription in oral tablet form and over the counter as a topical liquid or foam. Minoxidil, applied topically, is widely used for the treatment of hair loss. It is effective in helping promote hair growth in people with androgenic alopecia regardless of sex.  Minoxidil must be used indefinitely for continued support of existing hair follicles and the maintenance of any experienced hair regrowth.


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Packaging: 60 capsules in a sealed pouch.
Minoxidil USP 20mg
Excipients q.s.

Dosage & administration: 1 capsule every 8 hours

Half life 8 hours
Oral Bioavailability 98%


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