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Cabergoline (brand names Caberlin, Dostinex and Cabaser) an ergot derivative, is a potent dopamine receptor agonist on D receptors. Rat studies show cabergoline has a direct inhibitory effect on pituitary lactotroph cells.It is frequently used as a first-line agent in the management of prolactinomas – due to higher affinity for D receptor sites, less severe side effects, and more convenient dosing schedule than the older bromocriptine. It has at times been used as an adjunct to SSRI antidepressants as there is some evidence that it counteracts certain side effects of those drugs, such as reduced libido and anorgasmia.

It also has been suggested online that it has a possible recreational use in reducing or eliminating the male refractory period, thereby allowing men to experience multiple ejaculatory orgasms in rapid succession, and at least one scientific study supports those speculations. It is also used by bodybuilders to control gynecomastia caused by elevated prolactin levels through the use of anabolic steroids such as nandrolone.

Caber 0.5mg has 25 capsules per pouch.

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Each capsule contains:  
Cabergoline USP 0.5mg
Excipients QS  
Units/pouch 25  

Dosage and administration:

Half life 36 hours
1 capsule every three (3) days

Average Cycle Length: For the duration of the steroid cycle

Anabolic #: NA
Androgenic #: NA
Oral Bioavailability: Varies

Synonyms: cabergoline, caberser, cabaseril, 


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