Oxandrolone is a 17-alpha-alkylated oral anabolic steroid. Oxandrolone has an excellent myotrophic activity index of 3.2 and a low androgenic activity index of 0.2. At low doses, Oxandrolone will not cause suppression of endogenous testosterone production and does not aromatize to estrogen.

Oxandrolone was approved for treating alcoholic hepatitis, Turner’s syndrome, and weight loss caused by HIV. In addition, the drug has shown positive results in treating anemia and hereditary angioedema and for preserving muscle mass in burns patients. Oxandronolne also has been used with good success for idiopathic muscle mass loss and osteoporosis. At low dose (5-10mg), Oxandrolone binds weakly to androgen receptors and therefore can be used by woman and does not cause virilisation.

Oxandrolone is an excellent compound for females and pre competition body builders requiring advanced skin conditioning. As a bodybuilding drug for men it delivers hard, lean gains with little to none side effects. It’s worth noting the two particularly superb effects of Oxandrolone, first is the positive effects it has on the rejuvenation of the skin, wound healing, stretch mark reduction and burns treatment and the second its role in post cycle AAS therapy since it offers no aromatisation and is weak enough not interfere with the bodies testosterone recovery.

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