TBOL IM (Turinabol)

Turinabol is the exchange name for the engineered steroid called Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone. It is an oral anabolic steroid contains Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone, which is a chlor-substituted variant of Methandrostenolone. In solution, Turinabol is ordinarily used to trigger ovulation and fortifies the hypophysis to discharge more gonadotropin. Muscleheads and competitors are utilizing it when the body’s own testosterone creation is smothered. Tbol IM has a solid anabolic impact and generally low androgenic impact.

If you are wondering how to build muscle fast, our Turinabol offers an incredible result that shows itself in a strong muscle pick up without water maintenance or aromatization. Oral Turinabol is additionally well-known among powerlifters and weightlifters. The medication does not hold water and can’t be aromatized. Male competitors who are utilizing Turinabol with Testosterone, Deca Durabolin or Equipoise for a mass increase, while in cutting cycles it is stacked with Testosterone, Primobolan or Trenbolone. Tbol is Anavar for men.

Injectable TBOL offers immediate (100%) bioavailability to the body, active within a few minutes after administration, the direct injection of TBOL is far more potent than the oral version (with zero toxicity to liver due to no oral first pass) and requires a greatly reduced dosage – 0.1-0.25ml injected is all that needed to match an oral dose of 50mg.

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Packaging: Single vial with silicone stopper, containing 10ml of product.

Dosage & administration:

Half life
16 hours
10-100mg per day or as required
Average Cycle Length
4 to 10 weeks
Anabolic #
Androgenic #
CAS Name
Turanabol/Turinabol, Tbol, Dbol without the bloat


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