Trim 30 Sibutramine (also known as Reductrim) is a neurotransmitter reuptake inhibitor that reduces the reuptake of serotonin (by 53%), norepinephrine (by 54%), and dopamine (by 16%), thereby increasing the levels of these substances in synaptic clefts and helping enhance satiety; the serotonergic action, in particular, is thought to influence appetite. Older anorectic agents such as amphetamine and fenfluramine force the release of these neurotransmitters rather than affecting their reuptake. Sibutramine is a centrally-acting serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor structurally related to amphetamines and as such delivers a pronounced loss in body fat through the modification of food behavioral choices, quite simply put, the craving for carbohydrates is impressively reduced without any real thought by the user.

Packaging: 60 capsules in a sealed pouch.
Sibutramine USP 30mg
Excipients q.s.

Dosage & administration:

Half life
14 hours
30-90mg per day or as required
Average Cycle Length
Indefinite, studies have shown continuous consumption for upwards of 3 years with no ill effects.
Anabolic #
Androgenic #
Oral Bioavailability
Estimated at 97%
CAS Name
Sibutramine, Reductrim, Trim 30


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