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As from the 7th April 2018 the following policy changes will apply:

Promotion Terms: Valid on this(international) site only. One coupon max per order. Discounts are multiplicative, not additive. Bitcoin discounts are 10% off orders over $500, and 15% off orders over $1000, giving approximate total discounts of ~20% and ~25%, respectively. These coupon codes are valid on all cart totals over 275 US dollars. Orders under $275 may still be placed, however neither discounts, free resend nor free shipping will be granted on these orders.

Art of Bodybuilding

Sharing Our Passion: The Art of Bodybuilding For most people, bodybuilding involves a collection of insanely-muscled men who flex around on stage wearing tight-fitting bikini bottoms and, though this may be a big part of the industry, bodybuilding is so much more than competitions and bright lights. It is an art form whose artists’ main goal is to achieve that ideal …

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how to grow muscle

The Most Powerful Steroid of all Time?

Trenbolone Acetate and How to Grow Muscles There are over a hundred steroid products and performance enhancers on the market today but none have surpassed the power and potency of Trenbolone Acetate. Many bodybuilders and athletes consider it as the single greatest anabolic steroid of all time, given its versatility and beneficial properties. Injectable Trenbolone …

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New Silicone Stoppers

IA Superpharma Chaos Lab Test Results Update:   Lab testing on IA Chaos reveals that there is no presence of bacteria. The formations on the vial/stopper are hardened crystals that have leeched onto the rubber stopper. Please see the images below for the product we tested and the result.   IA Superpharma is aware of the …

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