More than Medicine: Oxandrin for Bodybuilding


In the medical industry, Oxandrolone or Oxandrin is commonly used to cause weight gain on those who have lost an excessive amount of weight due to surgery, injury, infections, trauma, or for no reason at all. It is classified as an androgenic hormone medication that can also be used to treat bone pain and prevent the side effects of corticosteroids from those using such.

In the steroid industry, on the other hand, Oxandrolone is sold under the brand name ‘Anavar’. Anavar aids in the accumulation and building of muscle mass as it helps the body become more efficient. However, it produces muscles slower than that of other steroids which is why it should not be taken strictly for muscle growth; Anavar can provide a massive amount of gains but only for those training for strength during off-season use.
Nonetheless, Oxandrolone can still greatly benefit the common bodybuilder when stacked with the right steroid. Here are some of the many benefits it provides:


1. It enhances performance

Oxandrin is one of the most popular performance-enhancing steroids on the market as it does not increase water retention and does not produce a large build up of mass which ultimately allows better control of one’s weight, look, and size.


2. It has little androgenic side effects

Oxandrolone is often called “the women steroid” as it is milder and safer than other steroids. It is often used by many women because of its minimal androgenic side effects like the development of masculine traits. Oxandrolone, fortunately, does not convert into estrogen which is most beneficial as estrogen hinders muscle growth.


3. It enables faster recovery

One of the most defining characteristics of Oxandrin is its ability to increase Nitrogen retention which can result in faster recovery. Moreover, one’s body is enabled longer workouts with retained nitrogen.

It also increases protein synthesis or the process of repairing and replacing damaged proteins with stronger new ones. Increased protein synthesis can produce a lean body mass as well as muscle growth.


4. It helps the body lose fat

Oxandrin does not directly attack fat cells. Instead, it helps retain muscle mass during a calorie-restrictive diet. When muscles burn energy, oxandrolone preserves the muscles mass which then leads to more burned calories. It also helps fasten metabolism for a leaner body.


So if you’re looking for an effective way of gaining muscle mass try our Anavar to achieve the perfect physique that you always wanted.