How to Increase Hormones and Gain Muscles?

Develop muscles and make bones strong like steel!

How to gain muscle can definitely be achieved through a healthy diet and a consistent workout routine but these are practically useless if you don’t understand how the body develops them. It’s important to know the different bodily functions that help grow bigger muscles and learn how to increase the hormones that affect them.

How to Increase Hormones and Gain Muscles


Human growth hormones or HGH are produced by one’s pituitary gland for growth, body composition regulation, and fluid regulation. HGH plays a huge role in increasing muscle mass and bone density; in fact, it is nearly impossible to do so without it. This is why many bodybuilders and athletes who want to gain muscles look for ways on how to increase hormones.

Boosting your HGH levels may prove to be useful if you want to know how to make bones strong like steel. HGH stimulates collagen synthesis within the skeletal muscle and tendons, making stronger bones and muscles. It also speeds up bone regeneration which enables faster recovery during fractures.

So, if you want to know how to develop muscles and make bones strong like steel, here are three effective ways you do so:


1. Less sugar

Nothing raises insulin more than refined carbs and sugar. This, in turn, increases insulin in the body which deters HGH production. An excessive amount of sugar can also stimulate weight gain which can lead to significantly lower HGH levels.


2. No Snacks before bedtime

Our bodies significantly release growth hormones at night. It is important to avoid high-protein or high-carb meals two or three hours before going to bed so as to avoid spiking your insulin level or block some of the HGH released.

The body releases growth hormones more rapidly at night so it is important to avoid high-protein or high-carb meals two to three hours before going to bed. This prevents you from spiking your insulin levels or blocking some of the HGH releases.


3. HGH and Testosterone Boosters

Many HGH-boosting chemicals are now available in the market. These HGH supplements are usually partnered with other anabolic steroids. Good levels of Testosterone and HGH can actually improve body composition and muscle performance in older men. That said, the best way to boost testosterone is to buy Testosterone Propionate.


Testosterone propionate is a fast-acting injectable testosterone compound that is commonly prescribed to treat hypogonadism or low testosterone levels in males.

If you want to know how to gain muscle and how to increase hormones, set yourself up with the best range of supplements today!