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Sample Dosing Schedule:

Serious Warning: Please dose this product responsibly. If you're new to the product, or haven't taken it in some time, you need to start small. Skipping to a high dose too soon will cause incredibly unpleasant & long-lasting side effects. Most users will not need to progress through to the highest dosage level to achieve substantial results.

Week 1 through 4 0.25mg per week Initial onboarding dose
Week 5 through 8 0.5mg per week Dose Escalation (if needed)
Week 9 through 12 1mg per week Dose Escalation (if needed)
Week 13 through 16 1.7mg per week Dose Escalation (if needed)
Week 17+ 2.4mg per week Maximum indicated dose
Packaging: Single 5ml vial containing lyophilized product. Sterile / bacteriostatic water sold separately.
Semaglutide BP 5mg