Distributor Policy


All prices for ordering are in US DOLLARS (USD), however we only accept Bitcoin (BTC) for distributor orders.

Distributor pricing starts at $5,000USD.

Orders must be promptly paid in-full. We don't do partial orders or partial shipments for distributor pricing. It's all or nothing.


  • $5000 to $9,999: 25% off website RRP.
  • $10,000 to $25,000: 35% off website RRP.
  • $25,001 to $40,000: 42% off website RRP.
  • $40,001 and more: 50% off website RRP.

The shopping cart will automatically apply the discount as you cross the order thresholds (IA Superpharma reserves the right at any time to increase or change product and line item pricing inline with inflation, supplier consumables increases, raw material prices and postal costs etc). Retail promotions (bangbang/warlord discounts) cannot be applied to distributor orders.

All distributors are required to place their own orders on the website. This is so you read, understand and agree to our terms, conditions, policies and procedures. You must set up and sign into your account (like any normal customer) to place, review or amend your order.  Your order will be valid for 7 days from the date of submission. All orders must be paid IN FULL prior to shipping.  Orders unpaid after 7 days will automatically be cancelled. We do not accept part payment or part order shipping. We do not accept 'call off' orders or 'cherry picking'.

Distributor orders are subject to the same terms defined in our FAQ.


Depending on your order configuration, products may be dispatched in multiple shipping parcels using discreet formats in stealth packaging from several countries (for details of our stealth shipping methods please read our 'Stealth Shipping Policy'). IA Superpharma ensures that all packages are shipped with maximum discretion and are prepared with the utmost care and precaution, specifically to minimize parcel seizures and detection rates, and to date we have not had any distributor parcels seized by customs. IA Superpharma's packing team exert great care to ensure the highest possibility for the successful delivery for your packages, and as such IA Superpharma offers the premium International Express Shipping (EMS) or Air Parcel shipping service with full international, door to door tracking.

Shipping of your order will commence within 5 working days of receiving your payment and based on the amount of parcels and delivery addresses you provide (the more receiving addresses you have the faster we can ship your parcels) your order will be fully shipped within 6 weeks of receiving payment.


  • Weight up to 40kg
  • Requires signature
  • Has online detailed tracking (provided within 3 business days after shipping the parcel)
  • Shipping charged at $20 per KG (in-line with EMS shipping rate averages) including handling, stealth packaging and packing charges
  • Delivery time with EMS averages between 8 – 15 working days depending on your location (available to 81 countries, see EMS countries list)
  • Delivery time with Air Parcel takes between 10 – 20 working days (available to 143 countries)

We will calculate and apply the shipping charge based on the products in your cart multiplied by the weight of the total product and the ancillary packing and handling costs. A copy of the AWB, invoice, packing list and parcel photos will be sent to you within 3 working days after the parcel has been despatched. We will NOT ship with DHL, FEDEX or TNT.

In some cases, customs could hold the items for further inspection. They will send a letter asking for more information regarding the products you are trying to import inside the country. As the importer you are required to provide the details required by your countries customs officers. As a distributor, we expect you to know the customs process in your country and have arranged 'safe passage' with a customs agent your side. Importing such quantities requires thought and planning on your side.

On the rare occasion that a parcel is returned to us by the destination countries national postal service its usually due to any of the following reasons:

  • Customer using a fake name
  • Customer would not or would not sign for it
  • Customer would not reschedule or would not collect it from their local postal depot after a missed delivery attempt

We encourage you to use a real name at all times or at the very least, have a fake ID in the name you’re going to use. As a minimum you need to check the tracking to establish the delivery day and time and be at the address to physically receive it. All international mail requires a signature upon delivery/collection so if you can’t sign for it, the chances are you wont be able to get it. The tracking of parcels is your responsibility.

When a parcel reaches the country of destination, the named recipient on the parcel has sole authority to organize a re-delivery or collection. IA Superpharma cannot intervene or redirect the item of mail and if you used a fake name, that means that you don’t have the authority to do it either.

Any parcel returned to us will need to be received by us physically prior to us resending the parcel back to you. We do not and will not reship a parcel until the original parcel has been delivered back to us. The reason for this is simple: All returned mail items are sent via the slowest, cheapest option (not tracked) in order to minimize the cost on your national carrier and its the national carrier who decides this. IA Superpharma has no control or say over this method and its at the absolute authority of your national mail provider. Therefore, the returned mail is untraceable, has no tracking number and cannot be located on any tracking system and so IA Superpharma will wait until the item of mail is in our possession before re-sending it to you.

When we are in possession of said parcel, we will assess the reason for its return and will resend the parcel contents to you again at any address of your choosing providing you pay the required EMS postage fee. IA Superpharma will at no point be liable for any expense due to your negligence and will not change or alter its policies to suit the demands of an individual. If the parcel was returned to us because IA Superpharma made an error in the delivery address, then naturally the postage costs will be waived and the parcel reshipped to you with our sincerest apologies. For status updates on the location of the returned parcel please contact your national postal service provider.

Please be aware that there are several possible situations that can occur with your order that can cause delivery delays. An international shipment normally passes through the local and national postal service in the country of origin, exportation, shipment transfer through ports of exit, transit to destination country with international postal service, importation in destination country (customs clearance), and the local and national postal service in the destination country, etc. Each step has an impact on the delivery time. Even if the majority of these steps are successfully executed in a timely manner, inefficiency or temporary inactivity during any step in between is enough to extend delivery time over the usual time frame. Holidays are another factor that can cause delays. IA Superpharma accepts no responsibility for delays caused by factors that are not under our control. IA Superpharma will process your order within 10 business days after receiving payment.

In the rare event that IA Superpharma forgot to send part of your order, we will send the missing item/s at no cost to the customer provided that the issue was communicated to us within 72 hours of when the parcel was marked as 'delivered' on the EMS website. You must check that the parcel contents matches the shipping list and communicate any discrepancies within this time period.

All products are packed properly to avoid breakage and damage. IA Superpharma will not replace damaged/broken products from transit.

IA Superpharma uses the tracking system operated by the government mail service in the sending and receiving country's to track and provide proof that a parcel has been delivered. IA Superpharma uses the information displayed by these systems to validate a successful delivery. When the tracking screen shows delivered then it is deemed to be so. Proof of delivery can be obtained from any EMS, DHL, Fedex destination tracking system by email this provides us with a scanned copy of the original signed delivery receipt if doubts remain.

IA Superpharma will despatch your products without the labels and packaging as shown on the website, the shipping methods and disguises used will be at our discretion - the genuine labels, holograms, security stickers, box's and QR codes will be sent to you in a separate DHL or Fedex parcel for you to attach to the products your side - this makes the risk of detection almost zero and has proved to be an invaluable way of delivering your parcel without delay or seizure.  Any delay in shipping will be communicated to you within 72 hours after payment has been received. Please retain the tracking number as its the identifier for your parcels location and essential for you to be able to track your parcel online – may we remind you that parcel tracking is your responsibility.

You have the choice to receive prepackaged orals and injectables in 60 count pouches and 10ml vials OR injectable oils in bulk canisters which you rebottle into 10ml vials yourself. Our distributor agents will explain the different processes to you at the time of purchase.


IA Superpharma is a major supplier of performance enhancing drugs and has developed the highest standing in the AAS supplier community by providing the finest quality products and largest range of products currently available on the internet. With the prestige comes the copy cats and to counter these IA Suerpharma has developed an range of packaging and coding that eliminates any attempt at counterfeiting. Every product has a bespoke printed gold, silver or gold leaf design custom label made for us at significant cost. In addition to this we have 3 different holograms with 4D security printing attached to each product, anti tamper proof seals, IA embossed caps and a state of the art bespoke QR scanning code system linked directly to our website. When the QR code is scanned, it will send you to the IA website then display the QR code validation screen showing you your unique QR code number and corresponding product details, batch number and manufacturing dates. The system is state of the art, made only for us and can not be copied, cloned or reproduced in any way.

IA Superpharma will not deviate or negotiate away from any or the systems or procedures outlined above, naturally we will work closely with our distribution partners and help them achieve their target sales wherever possible but some aspects such as payment methods and shipping formats are set in stone and cannot be changed. 

The IA Superpharma Team