Store Credit FAQs

Thanks for being one of our trusted affiliates! We have taken steps to make your kickbacks a bit more automated. At the end of each month, your commission will be added directly to your account here at IASuperpharma. If you have an inquiry that's not answered here, contact us!

What is a "credit"? How does this work?

Simple! You earn commission, we grant that commission via store credit each month. You're free to apply this credit to any order. You can check your credit balance via your My Account page. This page will show all the credits you've earned through the last commission period. We're currently working on a way for you to see current-month estimates as well... stay tuned!

Store credits carry a US Dollar equivalent value. If your commission for the month was $100, you'll receive 100 credits, and that'll be redeemable on-store for $100 USD worth of merchandise.

When are credits applied to my account?

Sometime shortly after the 5th of each month. You'll receive credits for all referred orders that are paid during the previous commission period.

What is a "commission period"?

Currently, a commission period runs from:

5th of previous month (00:00:00 GMT+8)


4th of current month (23:59:59 GMT+8)

Your commission is based upon any valid referred order that is PAID within this period (we don't look at the date an order is initially created).

This is subject to change, but you will be notified prior to any changes.

USA, INT? Which store are the credits valid on? Can I choose?

No need to choose, your credit is shared on all IA sites and will be adjusted globally when you spend on any site.

Do credits expire?

No way mate! That'd be stealing.

Why does the cart / checkout screen only show some of my credits?

For your protection, we won't let you spend more credit than your cart total. If you have 780 credits, and a cart total of $300, we'll only show 300 credits on the redeem screen. For an accurate view of how many credits you have, visit the Store Credit section in your account.

Do I have to accumulate a certain number of credits before spending them?


Can I give my credits to someone else?

Credit transfer is handled on a case by case basis. For all of our affiliates' protection, we'll need to ensure it's really "you" that's requesting the transfer, so we may ask you to confirm a couple of details of your account and also verify a code sent to your registered (and hopefully secured) email address. To request a transfer, just contact us.

Completed transfers are final -- there is no "undo" unless specifically requested by the recipient.

Do I have to spend all my credits in one go?

Nope - In cart or at checkout, you can choose to apply as much or as little of your credit balance toward your order as you choose.

If I cancel an order, will my credits be refunded?

Yes. If for any reason your order does not get properly cancelled, or your account is not properly credited, please reach out to our support team. We will rectify the issue immediately.

If I don't spend my credits, can I get a cash disbursement or some form of payment?

Not at this time, sorry!