Product Testing

IA Superpharma employs industry-standard laboratory testing to ensure purity and potency of all products. Testing is performed systematically throughout the year as part of our internal quality control process. Due to the volume of testing required, we do outsource some of this testing to international laboratories, though the majority of testing is performed at a domestic laboratory that offers forensic analysis services to both law enforcement agencies and academia.

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
HPLC is used to identify one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) present in a given mixture.  The numbers resulting from this test are compared to numbers obtained from testing a "reference standard" in the exact same manner (reference standards are typically purchased from Sigma Aldrich).

Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
GC-MS is used to quantify the exact amount of a given substance present. The purpose of this test is to validate product dosing and concentration.


Laboratory Analysis Result Catalog

Examples of our most recent testing will appear below in PDF format. These tests are performed on our bulk powders as a first step before any processing or assembly is done. Because we own the entire production cycle, we certify our bulk powders and finished retail products using the same testing process.

Note: Products that were 3rd-party tested in the USA are specifically omitted, by request of the laboratory (legitimate labs in the USA cannot legally perform these tests unless the request originates from an agency authorized to request such tests -- e.g. Law Enforcement). If you're interested in the numeric test values for an unlisted product, please inquire here, and let us know if you're looking for latest stock (what's currently for sale), or stock from a previous order you placed (tell us your order number).

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