Stealth Shipping Policy


Last updated 10th April 2019

There are specific countries and states that IA SUPERPHARMA has deemed to be ‘Stealth Shipping Only’ destinations and as such all orders will be sent stealth shipped in the first instance (mandatory) to these countries.

Stealth Shipping means that all the products on the IA SUPERPHARMA website will be repackaged with the sole intention of avoiding customs detection and inspection. Such methods include but are not limited too: miss declared goods, alternate descriptions, hidden inside consumer items, labels changed to comply with the import requirements of the destination country, packaged as cosmetics sets in plastic and glass bottles, foil sachets, toys, machine oils, organic oils, moisturisers, lubricants, industrial tooling, electronics sets and cooking sets etc. IA SUPERPHARMA considers these methods to be the ‘art of miss direction’ and these methods are very, very efficient. The stealth methods we use have been tried and tested over 10 years and constantly reinvented to say a step ahead of customs detection methods.

Examples of high detection risk destination (stealth) countries and states: Australia.
Examples of low detection risk destination (non stealth) countries, states or areas: Asia and the Middle East.

All of our stealth packaging is purpose made or selected for safe passage through any customs inspection and is 100% sterile and safe to use directly from the stealth container or containers it arrives in (a ‘how to use oil from a stealth bottle’ in the forum section). You will be notified of the packaging specifics and parcel break down configuration when you compile your order in the shopping cart.

Stealth Shipping Opt Out Clause: You can choose not to have these additional parcels and shipping charges added to your order or if you want to request to have your products sent to a stealth country in genuine IA SUPERPHARMA AAS/peptide packaging (as shown on this website) and state this in writing to us, IA SUPERPHARMA will comply with your request, ship your order non-stealth packaged but will not offer any resend insurance or guarantee should your items be seized/held/lost in transit.

The maximum quantity of bulk products shipped per parcel varies from country to country. You will be made aware of the order breakdown by the admin staff during your order processing.

Peptides shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Most European Countries and the states of California, Arizona, Texas and Hawaii (and or any other country that IA SUPERPHARMA deems to be a stealth shipping destination) may be shipped directly from China and or the Philippines with parcel quantities defined by this policy and experience of our packing teams. Packaging will NOT be as shown on the IA SUPERPHARMA website. An individual fixed shipping fee will apply to all stealth shipments of peptides.

IA SUPERPHARMA’s Stealth Shipping Policy WILL apply to any special offers, promotions or sales events.


Read our FAQs page for additional information.