As of March 2018, all orders now incur shipping fees for premium Express Mail Service (EMS) the charge also includes one (1) free resend to select countries (EMS capable). For a list of countries we can send via Express Mail, please see our Express Mail Eligible Countries. If your country is not on the list, we can only ship via Standard Mail – Standard Air Mail has no resend because there’s no reliable online tracking. If your parcel is seized a second time (very unlikely) we offer a 25% discount on the contents of that parcel if you wish to reorder the lost items. All items are packed stealth unless requested by customer otherwise, however, if requested this will forfeit resend insurance.

For orders with no tracking update for more then 30 working days from both PHLPOST and your local postal service, we can send a replacement without a seizure notice.

For detailed information on shipping, please read our FAQs and SHIPPING POLICY.

IA Superpharma will ship to any country subject to our DISCLAIMER POLICY, SHIPPING POLICY and STEALTH SHIPPING POLICY.


EXPRESS MAIL or EMS takes 10-15 working days depending on the country. Tracking number will be provided and can be tracked online via your country’s postal service website and Philippines Post.


Standard/Registered Mail or RR takes up to 60 working days depending on the country. Packages sent via RR will NOT have resend insurance and online tracking. Tracking number will still be provided by IA Superpharma but this will not show up online. You will have to call your local post office to get information on the package.


Packages send via Express Mail are entitled to ONE (1) free resend only. IA Superpharma will only resend under these circumstances:

  • Your order was shipped via Express Mail.
  • Your order was confiscated/ seized and you received a letter from customs. *
  • Your order was returned to us because we wrote the wrong shipping address.
  • Your order was incomplete/has missing items. **

*A copy of the letter received from Customs must be sent to us via email including photos of the packaging it came in or whatever parcel delivered along with the letter. If these are not provided, resend will not be processed.

**If any of the products were confiscated by Customs, a letter from Customs will be included in your package. This letter must be sent to us via email as proof of confiscation. If no letter is provided, resend will not be processed.

IA Superpharma will not resend if:

  • The customer can’t provide a seizure notice or inspection letter from their customs office.
  • Items were lost or damaged in transit – this is the responsibility of the postal service. Please see Disclaimer Policy for further information.
  • Customer error such as, but not limited to: You declined to sign for a parcel, pick up a parcel waiting for collection at your local postal depot, used a fake name or address and can’t collect it form the relevant postal depot.
  • Your order was sent via Standard/Registered Air Mail.
  • The order was bought during a sale/promotion, was a freebie/giveaway.
  • The item/s are resend/replacement for a seized item/s.
  • Customer chose to have the products properly labelled instead of stealth packaging.