Shipping Policy

Updated 10th April 2019


Due to increased Central Manila Mail Exchange parcel volume and our geographical location, please be prepared for occasional mail delays.

Products may be dispatched in several parcels in padded envelopes using a discreet format and or stealth packaging from several IA operations in 2 different countries. IA Superpharma ensures that all packages are shipped with maximum discretion and are prepared with the utmost care and precaution, specifically to minimize parcel seizure and detection rates. IA Superpharma takes great care to ensure the highest possibility of successful delivery of your packages, and as such IA Superpharma uses the premium International Express Mail Service (EMS) and Air Parcel service's to perform this task.

If your country does not appear on the EMS or Air Parcel list of serviced countries then we will use the Registered Air Mail service.  All three methods are detailed below:



  • Requires signature
  • Has online tracking (provided within 5 days after receiving payment)
  • Free shipping: Currently (with the use of BANGBANG and WARLORD codes ONLY) there is no charge for shipping and each WARLORD or BANGBANG code EMS parcel includes a free resend in the event of seizure or lost items.
  • Delivery time with EMS averages between 8 – 15 working days depending on your location (available to 81 countries, see EMS countries list)
  • Delivery time with Air Parcel takes between 10 - 20 working days (available to 143 countries)


  • Mostly no signature required
  • No online tracking
  • Currently there is no charge for this service but since the parcel cannot be tracked we DO NOT include insurance, or a free resend.
  • Delivery time averages between 21-50 working days depending on location (available to all countries)


Present your customs seizure letter to us and a resend will be sent to you within 7 working days of receiving the letter (WARLORD and BANGBANG coupon orders only). After 45 working days from date of last movement on the tracking screen we resend the contents of the parcel for free and with seizure letter required (WARLORD and BANGBANG coupon orders only). ONE FREE resend only (Applies to WARLORD and BANGBANG coupon code orders only). If you received a parcel with the contents removed and a seizure letter inside the parcel we will require photographs of the pack, customs markings and seizure letter before we will resend.

There is only 1 FREE RESEND per parcel (WARLORD AND BANGBANG applicable orders) – if you require a third resend then we offer a 40% discount on the itms seized for re-order.



A parcel is only considered “LOST” after there has been no movement on the destination countries tracking screen and the Philippines national postal tracking site for 45 working days after a parcel has been shipped. A replacement will be shipped to the customer within 7 working days after the 45 working day period has expired. If the original lost parcel eventually arrives then that is yours to keep.

Seizure and lost parcel insurance is not available with Registered Air Mail or if the WARLORD or BANGBANG codes have not been used.

Trying to produce fake customs seizures letters wont work since we email the customs department concerned to confirm the shipment’s status and seizure notification number.



In some cases, mostly in the EU, customs could hold the items for further inspection. They will send a letter asking for more information regarding the products you are trying to import inside the country. This case does not qualify as a seized order. If they require a copy of the invoice then IA Superpharma will supply you with a copy.

It is the customer’s responsibility to generate any additional documents requested by customs to be able to claim the items, in any way necessary. If you can not generate this information (such as a purchase receipt, billing statement, email history etc) IA Superpharma will not resend nor refund your order in such cases.

Parcels to the EU and Middle East often are stopped for inspection due to a requirement to comply with import tax. You will need to comply with their requests and supply them with the EMS parcel receipt photo/invoice (we send this to you) and fill in their form for successful release of goods. If you do not comply with their requirements, the parcel may be seized. In this event IA Superpharma will not offer a free resend since it was you that choose to abandon the item.



On the rare occasion that a parcel is returned to us by the destination countries national postal service its usually due to any of the following reasons:

  • Customer using a fake name
  • Could not or would not sign for it
  • Could not or would not collect it from their local postal depot after a missed delivery attempt
  • Parcel was returned by the receiving countries FDA for non compliance to import product standards (FDA packaging and customs tax regulations in any given country can change at any time without prior notice). Explained further below.

We encourage you to use a real name at all times or at the very least, have a fake ID in the name you’re going to use. As a minimum you need to check the tracking to establish the delivery day and time and be there to physically receive it. All international mail requires a signature upon delivery/collection so if you can’t sign for it, the chances are you wont be able to get it – however if someone is at the residence to open the door to the mail man, they may waive the ID requirements

When a parcel reaches the country of destination, the named recipient on the parcel has sole authority to organize a re-delivery or collection. IA Superpharma cannot intervene or redirect the item of mail and if you used a fake name, that means that you don’t have the authority to do it either.

Any parcel returned to us will need to be received by us physically prior to us resending the parcel back to you. We do not and will not reship a parcel until the original parcel has been delivered back to us.

The reason for this is simple: All returned mail items are sent via the slowest, cheapest option (not tracked) in order to minimize the cost on your national carrier and its the national carrier who decides this. IA Superpharma has no control or say over this method and its at the absolute authority of your national mail provider. Therefore, the returned mail is untraceable, has no tracking number and cannot be located on any tracking system and so IA Superpharma will wait until the item of mail is in our possession before re-sending it to you.

When we are in possession of said parcel, we will assess the reason for its return and will resend the parcel contents to you again at any address of your choosing providing you pay the $50 EMS postage fee. IA Superpharma will at no point be liable for any expense due to your negligence and will not change or alter its policies to suit the demands of an individual.

If the parcel was returned to us because IA Superpharma made an error in the delivery address, then naturally the postage costs will be waived and the parcel reshipped to you with our sincerest apologies.

For status updates on the location of the returned parcel please contact your national postal service provider.



Parcels refused entry by FDA are eligible for one free resend (WARLORD and BANGBANG orders only).  We will only resend once and only after the original parcel was received by IA Superpharma.



Please be aware that there are several possible situations that can occur with your order that can cause delivery delays. An international shipment normally passes through the local and national postal service in the country of origin, exportation, shipment transfer through ports of exit, transit to destination country with international postal service, importation in destination country (customs clearance), and the local and national postal service in the destination country, etc. Each step has an impact on the delivery time. Even if the majority of these steps are successfully executed in a timely manner, inefficiency or temporary inactivity during any step in between is enough to extend delivery time over the usual time frame. Holidays are another factor that can cause delays. IA Superpharma accepts no responsibility for delays caused by factors that are not under our control. IA Superpharma will ship your order within 5 business days after receiving payment.



In the rare event that IA Superpharma forgot to send part of your order, we will send the missing item/s at no cost to the customer provided that the issue was communicated to us within 72 hours of when the parcel was marked as Delivered on the courier website. We take photographs of all orders prior to despatch so we have proof that an order was packed correctly.



IA Superpharma will not replace damaged/broken products. You can contact your post office to check if you can claim on the EMS insurance.



IA Superpharma uses the tracking system operated by the government mail service in the country of destination to track and provide proof that a parcel has been delivered. IA Superpharma uses the information displayed by these systems to validate a successful delivery. When the tracking screen shows 'delivered' 'received by' etc then it is deemed to be so. Proof of delivery can be obtained from any EMS, DHL, FeDex destination tracking system by email and if requested they provide us with a scanned copy of the original signed delivery receipt for dispute resolution.



There are certain countries and states that IA Superpharma has deemed to be Stealth Shipping Only destinations and as such all orders will be stealth shipped in the first instance to Stealth shipping destination. Stealth shipping meaning that all the products on the IA Superpharma website will be repackaged in an alternative way, such as hidden inside consumer items, labelling changed to comply with import the import requirements of the destination country, cosmetics sets, toys and tooling, etc etc. IA Super Pharma considers this the art of miss direction and the stealth methods we use are tried and tested and constantly reinvented to stay a step ahead of customs detections methods. Visit our Stealth Shipping Policy for more information.

All of our stealth packaging is purpose made or selected for safe passage through any customs inspection and is 100% sterile and safe to use directly from the stealth container or containers it arrives in. You will be notified of the packaging specifics when we receive your order. Each stealth shipped parcel has a free resend guarantee should it ever be seized by customs, however if you request to have your products sent to a stealth country in genuine IA Super Pharma AAS/peptide packaging and state this in writing to us, IA Super Pharma will comply with your request but will not offer the free resend guarantee should your items be seized.



If the order is exceptionally large, complex or requiring specific stealth shipping, IA Super Pharma will divide the order into the necessary amount of shipping packages determined by our experience and or stated on the CART page. For stealth shipping to high risk countries the orals, oils and peptides will be shipped separately to avoid detection by customs so again a further postage cost per product category will be applied to your order total automatically.

Any delay in shipping will be communicated to you within 72 hours after payment has been received. Please retain the tracking number as its the identifier for your parcels location and essential for you to be able to track your parcel online – may we remind you that parcel tracking is your responsibility

Please note – IA Superpharma store credit and free resend policy does not apply to any special offers, promotions or sales events and products sent as freebies.

Visit our FAQs Page for more information

The IA Superpharma Team