Resetting your Account Password:

For customer safety, we stopped offering password-reset "service" in 2018. This means our staff CANNOT and thus WILL NOT reset ANY user account password.

...Why not?

  • Emails can be spoofed.
  • Facebook accounts can be compromised by your "loved ones".
  • Spouses, partners, and "friends" of our customers have routinely abused this in the past to gain access to accounts.
  • We have a reset process you can use yourself.

If our website shows an error or crashes on the reset process, we'll get it fixed asap (and it'll be happening to everyone, not just you).

Watch the video below to see how a password reset works.

The most common errors people make when trying to reset a password are:

  1. Not finding the password reset email. If you're using GMAIL, check your promotions and updates tab, and yes, check SPAM/Junk. Google will never land our emails in your primary tab.
  2. Using a password that's too basic. Watch the video. "123abc" ain't gonna work.
  3. Typing in different passwords. Yes ya gotta do it twice, and they gotta match.
  4. Auto-fill screwin' up your day. Got the old password saved in the browser or keychain? Yeah that ain't gonna work so hot when you're typing in a NEW password.


If it seems too wonky, don't do this on your phone. Try a different computer, or use incognito/private browsing.