Disclaimer Policy


Accepts no responsibility for confirming the legal requirements and regulations of the purchaser and the purchasers state/province of origin. All products are shipped at the risk of the purchaser in agreement with our declaration of holding us unaccountable towards any legal action that might be brought against the purchaser if not acting in accordance with the regulations and importation laws of the destination state/province.


Since laws differ from state to state/province to province the purchaser is responsible for knowing the regulations and restrictions of purchasers state/province and your personal liability in such circumstances. IA Superpharma accepts no responsibility for your state/province laws and will not check requirements upon the purchaser's behalf. Tracking of parcels, status updates and communication requirements too and from the postal agencies/couriers will be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

Read our USA-Lite FAQs Page for additional information on products and shipping.