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About IA Superpharma INDIA

IA Superpharma India is the domestic distribution version of IA Superpharma International, set up to make shopping and shipping easier and safer for our Indian customers. IA Superpharma India has an excellent range of stock imported from our USA laboratory. ALL PRODUCTS ARE MANUFACTURED IN THE USA AND IMPORTED TO INDIA FOR RETAILING.

Shipping is provided by us to your chosen address for a small fee. Our inventory and SOPs are separate from IA Superpharma International. We will not full fill orders placed from IASUPERPHARMA.IS.

More information can be found on our FAQs page.


Why Buy from IA Superpharma?

IA SuperPharma has established its outstanding reputation by developing muscle building steroids of the highest quality. Effective, affordable products made from the purest, proven raw ingredients and manufactured to the highest possible pharmaceutical standards in our USA laboratory. With a product range and service offering second to none, IA Superpharma is the one stop shop for everyone.