Bulk Powders & Products

Shipping Information

Our shipping courier:  EMS (in rare occurrences we MAY opt to use FedEx).

Delivery Time: 10-20 days depending on destination:

  • Australia routes: EKT-Special Route (7-15 days), Hong Kong Post EMS (20 days or more) Maximum weight 500g per parcel - 100% pass rate 500g or under
  • UK/France/Germany routes: EMS (7-15 days) 100% pass rate
  • Other European country routes: Netherland Post/German post/Swiss Post (Usually about 20 days) 100% pass rate
  • USA/Canada routes: Swiss Post EMS (Usually about 20 days, 100% Pass rate), Fedex Special Line 10-12 days, 100%% Pass rate)
  • South America country routes: EMS(20days), EUB (20 days or more), Hongkong Post (20 days or more) 100% pass rate
  • South Africa country routes: Fedex (7-15 days, mostly will need change tracking sheet), EMS (10-15 DAYS) 100% pass rate

Weight Restriction:
Each parcel may weigh NOT MORE THAN 500grams in order to minimize detection risk at customs clearance. Our shopping cart will calculate shipping based on weight. While uncommon, some shipping destinations are EVEN MORE RESTRICTIVE, requiring us to make the parcels even smaller. We will contact you on your payment ticket should this be an issue. Larger weights/parcels/pallet quantities can be arranged if you have secured customs clearance your side. See the Commercial / UGL tab below for more info.

Parcel Content Restriction: Bulk powders cannot be ordered alongside retail products — please order retail products separately. Our checkout will not allow bulk+retail orders to be placed.

Shipping cost per 500grams parcel:  Due to the current Covid-19 shipping delays, shipping costs vary and we will now have to manually calculate bulk powder orders. Pricing for shipping orders will now be provided after the order has been submitted.

Packaging Method: All parcels will be packed with "stealth" (unless you state otherwise).

Bulk PEPTIDES: What's with the weight?

1 gram of raw lyophilized peptide powder will typically contain about 400 grams of mannitol sugar / salts. This is the white powder you see stuck inside a retail vial pre-reconstitution.

For example, 2000mg of HGH peptide (2 bulk bottles) will weigh in at about 800 grams due to added mannitol.

Payment Restrictions

Payment for bulk powders is currently restricted to cryptocurrency (BTC etc) only.

Discounts and Promos

Bulk powders are NOT eligible for our retail sales, promotions, or discounts. Large UGL or commercial orders can earn discounts on bulk powder, but we're talking pallet load sizes (hundreds of kilograms). See UGL/Commerical tab below.

Re-send policy for BULK

Bulk Powder orders include ONE free re-send per parcel (For Australian resends you will be charged the shipping cost of $70 per parcel) as a guarantee of service and delivery and help to mitigate loss incurred by customs seizure during the import process.

Here's how to make a claim against this policy:

  • Case 1: You only receive a seizure letter.
    Send us a photo of your customs seizure letter.
  • Case 2: You receive the parcel, but some or all contents removed with a seizure letter inside.
    Send us photos of your customs seizure letter, inside and outside of the parcel, and any customs markings present.

**We will reach out to your country's customs enforcement to validate the authenticity of the seizure letter. No personal information will be disseminated during this process. Assuming it's real (we've seen several fake/photoshopped attempts over the years), a resend will be shipped out to you within 7 working days.
Resend Policy Limitation:
This commitment is NULL and VOID if any of the following conditions apply:

  • The customer can’t or won't provide a seizure notice or inspection letter from their customs office.
  • Items were lost or damaged in transit – this is the responsibility of the postal service.
  • You declined to sign for a parcel, pick up a parcel waiting for collection at your local postal depot, used a fake name or address, and can’t collect it from the relevant postal depot.
  • The item/s are resend/replacement for seized item(s).
  • Customer chose to have the products properly labeled instead of stealth packaging.
Commercial / UGL

Running a large operation and need a ton of product? We can deliver! If you have a fix on customs clearance* then shipping multiple kilograms per parcel/pallet can be arranged (but the success of clearance is then ON YOU to facilitate your side. Re-send is NULL and VOID in this case).

For large commercial orders, please contact us for a detailed quotation and logistics options.

*fix on customs clearance = you're a legitimate importer, or have a 'paid off' customs contact to retrieve your parcel without inspection.

How to work with bulk peptides

Bulk peptides are a little bit special. See our guide for more information.