How To Use the Oil from a Stealth/Bulk Bottle?

With all IA Superpharma shipped stealth oil, the aluminum or plastic bottles go through a sterilization process with pure denatured alcohol and UV light. When taken out of the UV box, the vials are sterile and we pack in a controlled positive pressure environment using a laminar hood.

The oils are sterilized at the end of the hormone mixing process using 10cfm high power vacuum pumps and 22-micron filters and then decanted to glass bulk containers/decanters for storage. When a new glass reservoir has been filled 2% BA is added to the batch of steroid oil and agitated. The reason we put this in at the very end of the process is so the BA is not degraded or evaporated off during production and remains active through the life of the oil. The bottles we use are cosmetics grade plastic, inert and non-reactive to GSO, BB or BA.

When you receive the oil it will be just as sterile as when it left IA Superpharma, and depending on your age and experience the following methods of use will be both familiar to some and accepted by others, although number 3 is my recommendation for volume quantities of oil. The first two methods I have personally used and reused many times depending on personal requirements and storage options, however, number 3 is the safest and IA Superpharma recommends. In all instances, a surgical mask and gloves should be worn.

Below are the different procedures on how to use the oil from stealth/bulk bottle;

Option 1:

Open the vial, make sure only to dip only the needle into the oil and ‘preload’ your syringes, the oil and syringe are sterile so as long as your sterile it will remain so, once you have filled the syringe, take the old needle off and put on a new sterile one to ensure sterility. Store in a cool dark place and you can use these over the course of your cycle. I’m running the preload system at the moment (on week 4), I find it much easier to spend a few hours on a Sunday loading syringes for my cycle than filing them every day or another day. I’ve used this method on and off through most of my gear life and it makes it so much easier to run a 3-month cycle.

I’ll fill say 60x 3ml syringes and 20x 5ml syringes with combination oils and color-code them with different coloured stickers that correspond to my injection days on excel. I do the same thing with my peptides cycle but 1 months worth at a time – I run 4iu of HGH, 4iu GHRP-6 and 4iu of CJC12 with DAC three times a day so I’ll fill 30x HGH, 30x RP6 and 30x CJC 50iu syringes up. I put the oil syringes in the bathroom cabinet and the peptide syringes in my wine cooler next to the bed. Gets boring as hell after preloading for an hour but it pays off massively for cycle injection frequency management.

Option 2:

Again, if you are sterile you can simply open the bottle, suck out as much as you need into your syringe out of the cosmetics bottle and replace the cap, then do the same a few days later? the oil remains sterile because of the BA content. Many of the guys in Australia use this method because its quick and easy (especially if you’re trying to hide it from the wife…) and again, as long as you're clean (wear a mask) it remains sterile.

Option 3:

Re-filter and re-bottle - for absolute peace of mind and quality control then re-bottling into glass vials is the best option especially if you're going to ‘on-sell’ or bottle in volume. Again, follow the steps above but make sure to sterilize your rubber caps and glass vials with alcohol *before putting in the oil and a surgical mask is recommended (and please make sure the vials and rubber stoppers are dry before putting in the oil). If you have the funds then invest in a blue light (UV) box to continue the sterilization as the alcohol evaporates off.

Simply decant, filter, sterilize the cap/vial and seal. Filtering here is necessary however if you're going to use a syringe filter then you will find that the higher dosed IA Superpharma gear won't go through the filters because there's not enough pressure. At a minimum, a hand vacuum pump will be required and oil-driven vacuum pump needed for anything at a commercial volume. A good oil vacuum pump with 22 micron filters with a multi vacuum flask set up will sterilize 5000ml of prop, tren or primo in 2 hours, supertest 450, anomass 400 etc in 8 hours.

So three very simple applications all offering a solution to the user's preferences.

*Alcohol used must be denatured alcohol, rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol 100% solution.

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